Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

HaPpY 5th BiRtHdAy to my niece Skylar Reese! It's amazing at 5 years old how she can have a love/hate relationship with me. There are days when she is ALL about me, and then there are days when she wants NOTHING to do with me. And although I didn't birth her.. everyone always calls her my mini me, which makes me love her even more!

So here is to you Skylar.. I can't wait to see what kinda of woman you grow into and where your life may take you. Love you bunches! xoxoxo Love ~Aunt KiKi

In other news.. I can't believe it's been 14 days since my last post! I've been working my booty off try to get the bachelor pad in order.

I have 2.5 projects started and still have two more to go before my Babes gets home in 55 days! The master bathroom (Chris' bathroom) has been gutted.. everything is out except for the tub/shower. The tile is laid and will hopefully be finished tonight! And the new toilet and vanity will be here on Friday. In between the tile and installing the new goods, I will continue peeling the horrible grandma wallpaper that I so carelessly painted over not once, but twice!

And if this rain would ever stop... maybe I could finish painting the trim outside before it gets to cold to do it. Right now the outside looks like a color wheel... a little bit of sage green... a little bit of country blue... Americana red... cream and off white.

Miss Bananas, yes I did paint the cabinets white... actually I need to put a coat of glossy white on it. I did semi gloss and I think I want them a little bit glossier. And not only that the roomie is seriously messy when he cooks so I figured it will be easier to wipe off too.

Pictures to come soon! (I misplaced my BOTH camera chargers (don't ask how), ended up locating one of them at my girlfriends house and then forgot to grab it before I left!!)

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  1. Can't wait to see photos! And happy birthday to your little princess. She's adorable!