Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ummm.... WTF

I am a little baffled and dumb founded right now with all the ridiculousness that just took place in my work environment.

Doc apparently said something to T.P. Assistant... she went off cussing and yelling at the top of her lungs... in front of patients.... yelled that she quit... put some few choice words inbetween that and storming out of the office.

I am TOTALLY embarrassed by these actions...

1.) That two patients had to hear this take place...


2.) Because I work with such un-classy people in a so called "professional" dental office.

I HEART him..

"Just wanted to let you know that they ran out of dumbbells that I can use in the gym. They don’t have any heavy enough, they only go up to 115 pounds and I’m to jacked to use those now. Just wanted you to know that."

This is the first part of an email Chris sent me today. I about pee'ed my pants! This is why I love him (I can say that now since I have written confirmation) whenever I am having a crappolla of a day.. I can always count on him to say something ridiculous to make me laugh.

Later down in the email... he mentioned he needed some more wife beaters... but he would prefer to have black and gray ones.

I asked what happened to all the white wife beaters I bought him before he left... which in turn I get this back...

"Cause I said I need them. I'm getting to jacked for my other ones. I'm going through them like crazy out here so the more the merrier. And because I want black and gray ones woman.. you don't get to ask questions."

Monday, June 28, 2010


I love getting surprises at work. It doesn't happen very often.. so needless to say I was elated when Chris sent me two dozen roses. And not only that... attached was the little paper card that ended with a LOVE!

Of course we both love each other.. we just don't say.. well we say it, when he is Mr. McDrunkerson, but we were both in the battle of not saying it first.. well I won that battle! He caved in... and even though he didn't say it verbally to me.. I have written confirmation. =)

Here is a picture of the Suez Canal Chris took the other day... even though they aren't allowed to say over email/phone calls where they are... our local paper decided to give out that information.
Which was nice.. because after France, I had no idea where they were headed.

Here is another picture of Chris and his good friend Doug. A.k.a Dougie Fresh. Chris doesn't look thrilled about getting his picture taken.

Well I am already on mental vacation.... two more days and I will be headed to Canada. And I CAN'T WAIT!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

~ciao bitches

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is where I will be spending the next 4 days starting tomorrow morning at 9 am. This 115 degree weather is bunk!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two things....

I don't think the ladies should do. Not that I am above it.. because hell I know since Chris has been gone.. I've had to do it... and I can tell you now... I NO LIKEY!

Not only do I MISS Chris a TON, but I also miss him because he use to do these two things.....

#1. Taking out the Garbage! I hate this with a passion... you would think the guy roommate would take care of this issue.. considering most of it is his crap in it... but that definitely isn't the case. He barely takes the garbage out... or takes the big cans down to the curb for trash day.

#2. Mowing the Grass!

Seriously... I don't know how some people like doing this... especially during the hotter then Haiti days. My sister and I did this BIG chore on Saturday morning at like 8am and it was already nasty out.

Roommate #1 again is not motivated to do anything, but when I actually take the initiative to get it done the correct way (mowing.. weed eating... blowing) he gets a pissy attitude!?! Sunday he informed me that he was kinda pissed that my sister and I did the yard work because he came home Saturday afternoon (5:00pm) to cut the grass. I just simply told him... well my mom needed her lawn mower (he broke the one they had) back and I wasn't going to let it get up to my knees again before you got motivated to cut it. I can't wait for roommate #2 to get back in the area... he is more "this crap needs to get done..I need to go do it" kinda guy.

Thank goodness for my sister! She doesn't mind doing hard labor.... I mowed the front yard... while she did the back and weed eated everything.

So there it is.... two things I don't think ladies should do.

Agree or Disagree?

~ciao bitches

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is it bad that I am eating an Oatmeal Cream Pie at 10:30 in morning?

Hey, It's okay.......

I love GlamourMagazines page.. Hey, It's Okay!

Here are a few of my favorites....

~ ...To shout, "I am not!" when he claims you're hormonal.

~ ...To tell your family that you met your current boyfriend through mutual friends and leave out the fact that those friends were Bud and Weiser.

~ ...To begin thinking about lunch at 9:35 A.M

~....To push your sunglasses on top of your head and consider it a hairstyle

~ ....To ask everyone for their opinion, and then do the exact opposite.

~ ...To wonder if you can still be sexy in bed... with your socks on.

~ ...To think “I’m waaay prettier than her” when you see your boyfriend’s ex

~ ...De-tagging photos of yourself on Facebook that you look like crap in.

~ ...Laying around and accomplishing nothing on your day off.

~ ...Putting your hands in the air when Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ comes on despite not being single.

~ ...To have a coffee-and-cupcake lunch. You'll get some greens in at dinner

~ ... To not be fun and personable until two cups of coffee.. not one... not one and a half.. TWO!

As the lovely Mrs. Geez Louise says *sweetbabyjesus* thank goodness it's THURSDAY! I can here to the pool calling my name already for tomorrow.... I plan on being a complete sloth and floating in my Dads pool allllllll...... day tomorrow.

My brain can't take hearing self centered people talk about themselves or there family anymore this week.

Happy Fathers Day too all the Dads out there.

~ciao bitches

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

when is it?

Lately I've been wondering when is my life going to fall into place. Another one of my besties, just emailed me and informed me she was pregnant with her second child. And I couldn't be more then thrilled. Honestly... I know she's been wanting to have another child one day soon and although they weren't really trying right now, her and her husband are still elated.
I am now one of four "non-married" girls in my group. And not that I am complaining.. I've been married and divorced... Chris and I are happy where we are right now with everything. When he gets back from being out to sea... we are planning on getting our own place... and who knows what will happen from there.
But in the mean time... I just see every ones dreams and lives changing and mine seems to be at a stand still.
I'm ready to be a grown up... I'm ready to get my own car.... I'm ready to stop renting... I'm ready to settle down.... and maybe in the near future have a bambino.

Monday, June 14, 2010

just some things...

It's official.......... June 30th, I will be leaving on a jet plane and heading to see my bloggy gal pal
Caro in CANADA!
I have never been to Canada before, and I am so excited to go and get away from this place for a few days.
Here are some pictures from this weekend. I didn't take as many as I would have liked too, but these will do.
All the girls, decided to do a dual birthday get together for all the June birthdays, since there are so many of them.
We ended up having Dinner at Bravo. Do any of you have a Bravo around you? Their grilled salmon is to die for.
The cutest lady came over to our group while we were eating dinner. She asked what everyone was out for.. which we told her June Birthdays. She then said.. I just think it's wonderful that a group of girls of this size are nothing but smiles. My family over there, and we were so intrigued by how happy and beautiful everyone looks. She said I don't know how you do it.. I can barely go out with 3 ladies and and sit there with a smile.
Which after she left I sat back and looked at all 11 of my girlfriends and realized how thankful I was to have such a great group of girls in my life. All but one are drama free.. that's how it should be. Friends that are there for you no matter what.
MaryAnne, Carey, Courtney & I

Courtney & Myself

Annie, Katie, Courtney, Myself, Carey & Stephanie

We didn't get a whole group shot of everyone for some reason. We are missing 4 of the girls in this shot.
I did however find my black and white outfit that I wanted so badly to wear.
Pants: Joe Jeans $80.00
Shirt: Arden B $25.00
Shoes: Jessica Simpson $50.00
(of course you can't see them but they are super cute)
I ended up running into my ex-father in law at one of our stops down at the beach. And of course I had to hear about all the drama that has been going on in their lives. He proceeded to tell me that I had a crazy family and that I was the only normal one. Did I ever mention that after my wedding reception both of our families got into a HUGE argument?
I then told him everyone has a crazy family... case in point his family situation. My girlfriend Carey told him that he needed to buy us some shooters..which he did.. he then choked on his and ended up spitting majority of his redheaded slut onto my white jeans!!!!! Nice huh. So after about 45 mins of him chatting us to death... he finally parted and went to meet my ex- brother in law at the bar upstairs in the hotel where we were.
So all in all, it ended up to be a very fun night out with the girls.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
~ciao bitches


I hate Mondays in general, but to make things worse why do both of my co-workers need to call me butt A$$ early in the morning to complain about one another?

T.P. Assistant called me at 6:00 this morning.... followed by another call from the "Office Manager" at 7:00!

Seriously people.... I really don't care about your issues the two of you have with each other.

I am here to do my job and go. Not listen to who wants to come in late... who called in..... and ruined morning plans.



Friday, June 11, 2010

just some "I" things....

~I think I need to be on medication...

~It's Friday which I am glad. But looking at what all I have to do this weekend is making me feel extremely overwhelmed.

~ I am feeling very burned out lately.. between work... and babysitting every weekend.

~ I am finding myself to be very unpleasant lately..

~ When is it okay to get into CrAzY girlfriend mode? I haven't heard from the boyfriend who is out to sea. Yes, I know it could be numerous things.. and I know I shouldn't be all paranoid.. but I am. It's human nature.

~ I seriously need to get motivated to lose some of this "HAPPY" weight I have been lugging around on me. 190 didn't look good on me..... 130 did... and now 155 isn't looking pretty either. Especially when you go to try on clothes and get very discouraged.

~ I really need to work on my savings account situation.

~ I need to quit drinking so much soda... lately I have been drinking more of it... which is probably where I keep gaining weight from.

~ I need to find a happy place in my life... and let go of all the negative/toxic things in my life.

happy weekend everyone.

~ciao bitches

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now don't S*%$ your pants....

Seriously... I just heard on the LOVELY Ryan Seacrest show that gummy Miley Cyrus is a candidate to play the young Carrie Bradshaw.....

So of course I had to google that crap... and sure enough.... it might happen. READ IT HERE. I mean for goodness sakes they don't even look alike!

I mean I could think of TONS of other young girls that could play this part...

Dakota Fanning.....

Amanda Seyfried....

Natalie Portman...

Abbie Cornish...

Hayden Panettiere....

Amanda Bynes....

You get the drift....... PLEASE Candace anyone but GUMBO!!

~ciao bitches

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I received another phone call from Mr. Lovah Lovah yesterday. They have officially arrived in France. And I am sure he is beyond excited to get off the ship today. And from what it sounds like he is going to have a busy day.... filled with drinking and playing golf with the guys.

I have informed him that, he better not forget the camera, and that I would like a nice present.


So onto this weekend... Uhhh... it's going to be super busy! I love busy weekends, but I also like the weekends where I can just be a sloth and not do or worry about anything.

I will be working until 12... then picking up Zander & Skylar (nephew&niece) for a day at my Dads pool. And then I have to babysit @ 6 that night.

I was volunteered to help bar tend for my office managers shindig she is throwing. *reminder next time someone "volunteers me" make sure to tell them I can't do it!
That night I have TWO birthday parties to attend. Dinner at 7 and then after that I have to run to the other party for a bit ... then run back to the other party.

I have to babysit again from 11-4.

In the mean time I am on the search for a new outfit to wear...and I am thinking of Skinny white jeans.... black top and heels. Now whether or not find that .. my outfit choice may change.

Have a wonderful HUMP day!

~ciao bitches

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hellllooo... everyone.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I had a pretty chillaxed weekend.. filled with sun... hot temps (100+), humidity, babysitting and the pool.

And a very special phone call from LoVaH BoY!

I was so excited to hear from him. It has been 41 days since he has been gone and we still have another 160+ to go.
I don't know which is harder...knowing that I still have FOREVER until I see him or not knowing where he is.
But the random phone calls and getting to hear his voice, will definitely make my weeks happier.
Hope everyone has a great Monday.
~ciao bitches

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Mr. Old Man...

.....When I called you this morning in regards to the white wicker patio furniture you were selling on Craigslist.com and I told you that I would like to purchase it and you were a-okay with it. And then when I called you again in the afternoon to see what time you would like me to come by and pick the pieces up and you tell me between 5:30 and 6:00pm and I drive a good 45 minutes away to go to your house with my Dad in tow, and arrive at 5:45 just to find out that someone just came and got them????? Are you serious? I just spoke with you an hour ago and you said to come get them... and then your sell them to someone else? REALLLLLLL CLASSY!!

Not amused... AND very disappointed,

This my friends is why I have never ever purchased anything from Craigslist or the paper.... because it's just my luck that something like this would happen to me!

And the Winner is.....

The lucky winner of my very 1st giveaway is Katie over @ Life with the Dietrich's!

Thank you everyone who participated! Stay tuned because I plan on doing another giveaway soon! =)

~ciao bitches

Well their is the 3rd!

They say things happen in three's well here is the 3rd death of a great celebrity.

Rue McClanahan the ever loved character on Golden girls who played Blanche Devereaux has passed away!

She was our Samantha from SATC back in the day! =( So sad!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

pulling my hair out!

When the first thing I do in the morning is walk into the boss's office and tell him that if the office manager speaks to me the way she has done the past two mornings, that I will be walking out, you know it isn't going to be a good day!