Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why is it that some people in work places think that they are more "important" then others??

I lost a friendship over one of my co-workers over look on an insurance issue, and one that she felt no need to write off.

But when her daughters baby daddy comes in he gets his cleaning for free.... and has an ass load of cavities ... and when I say ass load, I mean ASS LOAD $2000 worth of fillings.

So baby daddy come in today to get one of his fillings done, on my daily sheet of payment it has down that "co-worker paying", and when I go to check him out it posts, and says NO CHARGE DISCOUNT. W.T.F!!!! He isn't a family member........ I am sorry he is a dead beat who just got out of prison and is worthless.

I am so tired of other people getting special treatment, just because she feels like she has been here for years that she deserves it.

April will mark my 5 year anniversary here.. and I have only received one pay raise! I am thankful to have a job don't get me wrong.. but I am at that point now to where I am coming to work, do what I get paid to do and that's it. I'm not going above and beyond, when nobody does that for me.



  1. Maybee you should look for another job.

  2. AWWWWW so sorry to hear that you are being treated like that...especially after you have invested so much of your life at that job. You do not deserve that AT ALL. I am a firm believer in karma...believe me your day will come.

  3. I just hit 5 years here at my job too. Not sure if it's a coincidence, but I'm getting reallllly over stuff that I use to just brush off as the way things were. Like, If I have to sit outside my boss' door and listen to her personal convo with her loser baby daddy while she blows off that I have been waiting to speak to her regarding WORK RELATED STUFF, I'm gonna lose it. But either way, take a big wooo-saaahhhh and hope your day is better today!

  4. It might be time for a change in scenery, take what you've learned and try to move up in a new job?