Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long venting post.

Do any of you have a stage 5 clinger friend? I know that is mean to say, but I have one. I cherish all my friends, but my stage 5'er (who i have known since middle school) is seriously wearing on me!

Not only me, but my sister too.

I cut off all contact with 5'er when I went through my divorce, and just recently within the last year became friends with her again.

She is the type of friend that needs CONSTANT reassurance about people being her friend... she gets her feelings hurt when my sister and I are hanging out. Knowing this my sister and I try to keep it under wraps with telling her when we are doing stuff... but when she finds out she text my sister with a " Well have fun, I won't keep you" or " Well I guess I will talk to you later" just snide little remarks that aren't necessary. My sister and I shouldn't have to hide when we hangout... we are sisters... that's what sisters do.

Not only do I hear about it about my sister and I hanging out.. I have to hear about her two sisters who live in North Carolina and how she feels out of the loop because she isn't around them. I mean we all can't stop our lives just to accommodate her.

She text me 24/7.... and I know I should respond back to her, and majority of the time I do, but if I am at work.. I shoot her a short text and she gets mad..what part about I"M AT WORK.. does she not understand? I can't just stop what I am doing to text her all the time. And since I am on the phone probably 93% of the time at work... I do not want to be on the phone when I get home from work nor do I want to text everyone. As soon as I get home I put my phone on the charger and forget about it.

My sister was the third person I told when I found out I was pregnant, and asked her not to say anything to 5'er or to anyone else for that matter. I wasn't ready to get flooded with text from her or anyone else.

I found out on a Friday night, and Chris and I went out of town on Saturday morning until that following Monday. Tuesday afternoon I shot 5'er a text and told her the news and what do you know... she blew up my phone with text. She proceeds to call my sister and bitch her out because she didn't tell her I was pregnant.. my sisters response was Carrie asked me not to say anything to anyone. And then she text me telling me her feelings were hurt that I didn't tell her the same time I told my sister. I told her that I haven't even told my Mom, Chris' parents or the roommates yet.

I don't get it.... I don't know what to do with this girl. I don't need her stressing me out or her being dramatic ALL THE TIME!!


  1. Jeesh. This girl sounds like wayyyyyy too much. i couldn't handle someone like that.

  2. Hummm does she think you are in a a relationship with her? Seriously, you should get her out of your life, you dont need to spend energy on a person like her (she is actually taking it).

    Spend your energy on me and find those sandals like yours lol :P

  3. YEah.... I kinda have one of these. Ugh...

  4. 1- I love how you refer to it as a stage-5 clinger. Just thinking about it makes me giggle out loud!! Love it!!! As for the friend, here's hoping it gets better!! I don't think I have any like that...and god, I hope that doesn't mean that I'm THAT friend...hahahaha..ha...oh Lord.

  5. You are pregnant? And you didn't text me? I feel hurt, how come I didn't know about this? I have to find out from a blog post or am I just loosing it?

  6. I totally have that friend. URGH. The best advice I can give you is STAY AWAY. You and your little baby dont need it.
    Hang in there hun...hugs!!!

    CONGRATS by the way! How exciting!