Friday, January 6, 2012

38 Weeks tomorrow....

And I am STOKED!!!

I have an OB appointment today, so I am hoping for some good news. If I don't have any good news, I still get to look forward to Jan 16th.. which I go in at 8pm for my SECOND blood transfusion... stay the night and then get induced on the morning on the 17th!! I am still hoping I go on my own before then, but if I don't then I know I only have a week left.

And let me tell you I am READY...

I am ready to eat again.. my last full meal was in July when I was admitted to the hospital for a week.. since then it has just been my TPN (liquid I food) and ice chips.

I am ready to get this Picc Line out of my arm, so I don't have to lug around a black back pack with my IV in it.

I am ready to not be swollen from all the fluid intake I have had.

I am ready to lose this weight that I have so not enjoyed gaining. It's amazing that still without me eating and just getting these fluids how much weight I have gained. Granted the IV fluid bags that I have daily are 3,000 calories, it's still  crazy to me.

I am ready for this hormonal acne to go away on my chin too, I am not use to having all these nards on my face and it's driving me NUTS!

And last but not least.. I am ready to meet my son.. Chris and I can't wait to see what he looks like.

Again.. here's to hoping for good news at the Doctors this afternoon.


  1. Good luck sweet lil miss...I have been thinking about you LOTS...and glad to see you are doing well! Minus the puffiness. :) Cheers to a healthy you, a healthy delivery and a healthy baby boy!

  2. Girl, I'm thinking of you!! Best of luck with everything and can't wait to see his little face here on the blog too!! :-D

  3. You've been thru so much! Hoping you have an easy delivery! Best of luck!

  4. Crossing my fingers for good news!!!!!!

  5. Almost there! Hope all goes well!

  6. Good luck hun, hope the waiting ends soon.