Friday, March 19, 2010

It's FRIDAY & Gorgeous out.....

So let's talk about babies............

The other day Chris and I were in the car talking about kids. I have known forever that Chris wants many-a kids.

So he mentions how many kids he wants (I won't spoil it yet). I tell him that I am perfectly happy with just this.......


MAYBE....... just MAYBE .....

But no more then two.

He says "well I want a big family." Yeah... that's fine boo, but I can barely stay sane with my niece and nephew at times.

So I am like well how many do you actually want?

And he is like.......

Four or Five!

Ummmm... what??

And the best part is he wants them two years apart!

Lets do some math here. I just turned 30 as everyone knows..... So lets say when Chris gets back in February and something "happens" I will be 1 month shy of my 31st birthday..... so I will be 31 when I have the child. So if Chris has it his way (which let me inform you there is NO WAY I will be having 4-5 kids) I will be 31, 33, 35, 37, 39 when I have my children.

My first child will be going into kindergarten when I am 39............

And my last child will be going into kindergarten when I am 44.........

When my first child graduates High School I will be 49........

And my last child will graduate High School when I am 57........

I think this is too old for me. I am not knocking older Mothers, some people have plans and stick with them and older is fine for them.

Me... notsomuch!

I told Chris that we needed to start working on something soon because his cougar isn't getting any younger!

I ask him if he wants boys or girls (this answer changes every other time we talk about kids). He tells me he wants all boys.

His reasoning is... because he wants his kids to be known in the school. He wants the teachers to be like oh crap here is another Lent kid. (my kids will be well behaved I can assure you that.)

AND... he said he wants days where I call him up at work crying because I can't handle the boys! Isn't that nice! =)

So yeah... I think I may compromise and have 3. MAYBE!

Boy... Boy... Girl. =)

That sounds good doesn't it??

Happy Friday Everyone!

~ciao bitches


  1. Ha! I love it!! now that I am pregnant I think my hubby is thinking a little clearer.. He has always wanted 3 or 4 and I have wanted 1! we are now thinking 1 or 2! as you get older you think it more out!! lol!

  2. I always say I want 2 boys and a girl so I can spoil the shit out of my girl and make the boys share a room! Haha.

  3. By boyfriend has also told me he wants 4-5 kids, I told him he better hurry up and go ring shopping then, cause I am not getting any younger.

    PS Do you think guys are fine so many kids cause they aren't the ones giving birth..just sayin'

  4. why is it that the boys want so many dang kids?! oh i know...'cause they're not the ones popping these creatures out of their cooter!!!

  5. I'm in a similar but different predictment. We both want kids (probably 2) but Kristian wants to wait like 5 years. Well I'll be 30 in 2 months so if we wait 5 years I'll be 35 and I'm not trying to be the oldest mom at my kids graduation also I want to live long enough to watch my grandkids grow up so I'm trying to get him to compromise on waiting only 2 years tops!

  6. HHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!! you are so funny!!! hmmmm I say 3 sounds like a pretty great compromise. And for sure you need a little girl in the mix, I have a boy (3) and a little girl (1) and would like to add another later down the road! Happy planning lady! have a great weekend!!

  7. Pat is the same way.... me? NOT SO MUCH! I only want one or two. No more than that! I literally could not handle that shiz nit. My Mom has 4 and I swear I don't know how she is still alive after my older sister and myself... yikes!!!

    p.s. Your not a couger... your a puma ;) hehe just kidding

  8. 4 or 5 is he nuts! stick with your plans for 2 hon you will be glad you did!

  9. J is the same! I'm like "Umm, do you have to carry them, give birth to them, and then stay home with them??" "No." "Well then, I get to decide how many I'm willing to push out."

    That's how our discussions go everytime when we talk about kids.

  10. Two children is the best option me thinks :)
    Not too young, not too old :)

  11. My fiance always says "let's try one and see what happens!"

  12. Haha! This is too funny! People always tells us to start with one, then see how you feel!