Monday, March 8, 2010

Note to self....

Dear Self,

If you leave the back door open for the puppies during the day,because you want to be a nice mommy, please know that you will have little flying critters enter the house!

Not only will they enter the house, but they will also wait for the perfect time to come out and start 'effing with you.

And of course that time will be when you are getting ready for bed catching up on your blog reading. While you are reading the little disgusting pest will land right next to you! You will scream... it will fly off... and then you start looking around like a paranoid schizophrenic.

A few clap claps here..... and clap claps there, with trying to catch the little shit in your hand you come the the conclusion that isn't working...

At this point your peripheral vision is on point and you see it flying in your lamp shade... you swat at the shade and it quickly zips away...

(20 minutes has now passed and he is still buzzing around)

So do the next logical thing and grab the bottle of windex! Spray that little M.Effer down until he suffocates off the fumes and his little wings are too wet to fly.

And in the mean time, hope you don't suffocate with him!


  1. Haha!! That is hilarious! (I do the same thing... I just super soak the shit out of any bug and go on with my life while the smell of chemicals pervades the house!)

  2. oh noooo...notsofun.

    hey btw i received my whitening goodies. you're the best of the best. thanks again!!!