Monday, May 24, 2010

Bon Voyage

Well... as of last Friday, Chris is officially gone. He will be spending the next 7-9 months aboard this beauty of steel. It will be just me and the puppies for most of the time he is gone, considering one of his roommates is on the ship with him, and their other roommate will be in and out of the country with his job.

Even though I plan to stay busy with re-doing things in the bachelor pad, I am finding myself overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done. Or should I say everything that I think needs to get done. I will be sitting down tonight to make a list of everything that I would like to get done while they are away... so stay tuned for that lengthy list.

I think my life is finally getting back to normal now. It was a little crazy the month of April since Chris was on the ship, and I only had the chance to see him about 5 times before they left on Friday.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am so behind on every one's blog and I am hoping to get all caught up today with everyone. =)

~ciao bitches


  1. Awww, here's hoping those 7-9 months fly by...and that you are able to keep busy!!

  2. welcome back! i'm with's to a quick and easy 7-9 months.

  3. I'll try to come bug you this summer.

  4. If I disappear from my place for a few months will you come over and take care of all the painting and decorating that needs to be done too? It is mostly just painting. :)