Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In my days of sulking...

I have been watching a TON of the boob tube since Chris has been gone.

And while I was watching last night I came up with this..... Spencer... Dude... you really are CRAZY! Maybe the crystals aren't helping you. Your taking it a little far with all the rings... necklaces & bracelets your sporting around.. I mean seriously BIG over kill!

P.S when did you become so granola?

I think your just a jealous biznotch, that can't be happy for anyone that is getting more attention then you... get the stick outta your ass and eat a cheeseburger!


I <3>

I have also started the 3rd book of The Brides Quartet by Nora Roberts called Savour the Moment.
This set is so addicting! It just sucks, because I read them so fast.. and now I have to wait until November for the 4th book to come out..BLAH!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

~ciao bitches

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  1. hey lovey! spencer is the creepiest ever. i hope a boulder lands on him and he goes - SQUISH!

    ps - yes, lobster mac and cheese in a bowl please! i will fight you for it. guess who will win? HAHAHAH!

  2. Spencer is butt. Hate him. Don't know the other two chicks but i'll just go with what you said.

    Happy cinco de mayo friend! Have a marg or two!!!

  3. Spencer is retarded. Why somebody hasn't plotted to kill him yet is beyond me.

  4. Spencer- EEWwwwwwwwww
    Olivia- Fucktard
    Erin- Saint!

  5. seriously!!! i think oliva WOULD be a lot happier if she would eat a big ol'juicy hamburger!!! and erin...i just LIKE her...she seems so real and just nice...

  6. I dont know much about the other two, but spencer is creepy mcnasty! DOOOOOOOD! That flesh colored beard? Too much for me to handle. makes me queasy.

  7. spencer is a physco hippie and he needs MAJOR help!!
    if i were heidi i would be terrified of him!!
    he needs a shock collar for when he freaks....seriously!

    i had to stop watching the city because the girls just bother me,!

    have a great night lady!!

  8. Spencer is the biggest DOUCHEBAG EVER!!!!!! I agree with Summer!!! Boulder is on it's way :)

  9. Oh that Spencer, he is DEF one crazy MO FO. And I have to say, Olivia def needs a hamburger or two, or maybe just sex...Im not really sure what it is, but seriously she need to get off the grumpy train.. and Erin, she is awesome. Love Love Love her.

  10. Oh my god, he looks crazy! Seriously, those two (Spencer and Heidi) are luckiest people on the planet for getting famous for being douches. I am really curious to see where they'll be ten years from now.