Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lets turn this Mutha out....

Hi Earl,

It's Carrie from the East Coast... (right there where the aqua arrow is to be exact). I just wanted to extend my hello's to you and to ask that you be nice to us people over here on the E.C. I know you are only suppose to "skim" us, but frankly I don't really trust our weather people, and hell lets face it, you can change you path at any given moment just because you want to be a bastard. And even though I love the thought of a good storm, I really don't feel like dealing with all the aftermath of everything. So please feel free to bring some rain... and little gusts of wind and nothing more. K!

Thanks bunches,


Our last "MAJOR" hurricane was in 2003. Her name was Isabel. And although she was a huge storm, she was only a Category 2 when she made land fall. We still ended up getting rocked.

We did make the best of it... swimming in the pool..... letting the wind carry us down the street on the skate boards... playing board games. All in all it was a good time. Even when my sister -n-law (at the time) and I thought it would be a good idea to take the Jeep out to see the damages in the neighborhood, and ended up getting stuck in the mud.
That's water all the way up to the boardwalk

(all pictures via google)

And even though our damages weren't nearly as extensive as Katrina's damage... we were without electricity for 6 days.. no water except the bottles that we had... and pretty much stuck inside the house due to roads being closed/blocked and curfews.

Keeping my fingers crossed the we keep on the projected path of just a skim.

So today after work, I will be joining all the CrAzIeS at the stores picking up supplies. Wish me luck!



  1. I was just watching on the news! Prayers your way!

  2. I hope he turns around... I'm not looking forward to getting his after effects up here on Long Island. I thought I moved from the Louisiana so I wouldn't have to deal with a hurricane ever again!

    Hope everything turns out okay!

  3. dude that is scary. i'm deathly afraid of angry hurricanes like that. i'm so little, i'm afraid i'd blow away! ha!

    here's hoping earl takes it easy on you.

  4. Holy craziness!! I will pray for the storm to miss you :) And I kinda want a hurricane named after me. Just saying.

  5. oh i'll keep you in my thoughts!!! Enjoy your house arrest for sure!!!