Tuesday, August 24, 2010

whole lotta fun.... and a whole lotta pictures

First things first. I FINALLY got my boudoir photo's back. I only posted the good ones.. I made sure no boobage... buttocks... gut.... or thighs were hanging out too much.
By far my favorite one

This one really doesn't look like this.. I don't know why the color is all crazy looking on here.


I would say all in all.. they all came out pretty good.
I was also suppose to go to the beach and get some photo's of Layla and I, but it started getting dark to quick, so it was a no go. I still need to reschedule that shoot.

This past weekend my girlfriend Cat and I went camping and tubing down the James River. We ended up actually going with a big group (about 115 people), and I must say it was a BLAST! We are already looking forward to the trip next year with the same group, as well as getting our group of friends together to go.

The view straight ahead

At one of our stop off points

Part of the group

The other part of the group

Floating with our adult beverages


Everyone smile

Note to self: When going camping make sure you...
A.) Leave at a decent time and not show up at 10:30 pm to set up camp.
B.) Check behind your stupid roommate to make sure he put the tent poles back in the bag.

If your wondering about "B" yes, we were those girls that, had NO tent poles for the condo tent that I had. Long story short. Chris' stupid roommate re-packed the tent back up from last time we went camping, and apparently he didn't feel the need to put the poles with the tent.

Thank goodness Cats friend was meeting us there, and I told him to bring a tent, just to be on the safe side.

I hope everyone is having a great week.



  1. You look great in the pictures!!!

    Looks like you had a good time camping and tubbing!!

  2. What a fun trip and your pictures are beautiful!!

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous!! You look great!!

  4. Wow, FANTASTIC photos!! Those are soooo neat :-D And the float trip looks like so much fun!! Our friends up here do a float trip on the Apple River and each time they've gone we've been out of town! I'm vowing to go next year, hah! And wow, that could have been quite distasterous without tent poles!!

  5. I think we should get to see the rest of the photos too. These look great.

  6. i knew bathwater would come in here with a man comment. haha.

    looking good girl. you've got mad balls to do something like that. i would probably start laughing. i suck at being sexy.

  7. You look freaking amazing! Holy, sexy! I bet once Chris see these he will jump on the next flight home ;)

    River floating looks fun, can I come??

  8. OMG! You look really hot in those budoir shots! I have always wante dto do something like that but never had the chance. Thanks to you, I think I'm gonna do something like this too. Its so empowering!

    The camping trip looks like FUN! =)

  9. Sexxxxyyyyy! I love the budoir shots! You look amazing!

  10. Those pictures look amazing. You're very pretty.