Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Below is what my schedule will be looking like for ehh.. the next 7 months! My very loving Boyfriend has decided to play on THREE, yes three softball teams this year!!! Thank goodness one team only plays on Thursday nights. But me being the supportive girlfriend that I am.. I am normally at every single game with him. I think they are fun, and it kinda helps that he is kind of a big deal on the fields. 

It's sad that I had to make Chris and two of his coaches schedules, to let them know which team he is playing with each week. And as you will see.... there is A LOT of traveling that will be taking place too.
Softball Schedule
Team he is playing with that weekend is in color.
* Hometown Hero’s  
* Military
   April 30th: SNA All Nighter (H.H) / Pax River, Md. (Military)
May 14th: USSA Pink- Out Breast Cancer (H.H) / Tidewater (Military)
May 28th: SNA Beast of the East (H.H)
June 11th: Tidewater (Military)
June 18th: USSSA Neptune’s Revenge (H.H)
June 25th: Fort Meade (Military)
July 9th: USSSA Virginia Championships (H.H) / Tidewater (Military)
July 23rd: USSSA Rover Plus Nine Classic (H.H) / Peters Creek, Nc. (23rd-24th  Military) ??   (May not play has to get team consensus, but as of right now he is with Military.)  
July 30th: Laurel, Md. (Military)
August 6th: ASA Central Virginia E Championship (H.H)
August 13th: USSSA E. State Championship (H.H)
August 17th- 22nd: Panama City, Fl. (Military)
August 27th: SNA Hometown Hero’s Cystic Fibrosis Benefit (H.H)
September 10th: Bronze National (H.H)
September 15th: USSSA E World Series, Orlando, Fl. (H.H)
October 8th: ASA Fall Tidewater Championships (H.H)
October 22nd: USSSA D/E Season Closeout (H.H)
November 5th: ASA Turkey Shoot, Richmond, Va. (H.H)
*** May be going to Cancun in June. Not sure of the dates yet, but will let both Coaches know as soon as we know. ***

So in other news... I jumped on the scale this morning and have lost 2 lbs. I am pretty stoked and hope I can have good results every week until I get to my goal weight. I've slacked on the gym this week, so I am hoping once I get back into the routine of the gym.. I will get better results. 

Happy Hump Day everyone.


  1. I lost two pounds too! I have been starving myself, (not really) just curbing the carbs.

  2. Thank god you like softball.

  3. Oooh wow sounds like the boyfie has a pretty tight schedule. It's really good that you are supportive and like what he does. My boyfie is addicted to tennis and over the years I have learned to be more supportive of his passion. =)

  4. 'Tis the life of a softball players girlfriend! You are too cute!
    My brother does the SAME thing!