Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Weekend

Alrighty.... well it's Tuesday, and again let me just say how thankful I am that I only work Monday thru Thursday! =)

So my weekend went pretty well... quick run down of what happened.......

Friday = Lazy: I didn't do anything that I had planned except for laundry and that is only because Chris and I were heading out of town for the day on Saturday. In all fairness I am justifying my lazy Friday, because I rarely ever get them. So me, baby girl ------------------->
and the T.V were bff's all day. =)

Saturday = EXHAUSTING: Getting up at 5 am to drive to Maryland for Chris' softball tournament is a little crazy, but I love watching him play (vomit, I know). The day actually turned out to be very nice, minus the rude church group having a cookout and letting there trash blow everywhere.... and I mean everywhere. Ehh... so gross!!! Any whoo... Chris' team won the tourney and went undefeated so it was well worth the trip. Oh yeah and he got the MVP trophy AGAIN.... at least this one was different from the other ones they normally give out not the same softball glove or little man with a bat in his hands. Finally they got done at 7 pm, and we headed home. Which let me just fill whoever is reading 1.) I HATE driving at night and 2.) I HATE driving in the rain! I had to do both!!!! =( Finally arrived home at 12 am!

Sunday = Sunday Fun Day: Woke up about 9, recieved a text from some friends that they were going to the beach to go surfing, so we were up and attem' and out the door by 11:30 and headed to the beach. Let me just state for the record that when I say surf I mean Chris, Dan, and Cat went surfing, they caught the waves, I caught the rays! =) I love living so close to the beach.

~Here is Cat and Dan riding on Chris' surfboard together. Cat is still learning the basics so he took her out with him.

~ Here is Chris heading out on his board... mind you I just purchased his board for him in June for his birthday and this is all he wants to do on the weekends when he isn't playing softball! Not only that, this is his first summer surfing and it's kinda disturbing how good he is at it! I call him the ALL AMERICAN BOY... he is literally good at EVERYTHING!

So after a relaxing day on the beach, we went and ate dinner with my sister. She cooked us steak, red potatoes, broccoli with cheese, and rolls. Perfect ending to a great day.

Monday = Ehhh.. Work: <----- that explains it all!

Have a great Tuesday!

~ Toodles

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