Friday, July 24, 2009

Lets try this little thingy out.....

So here I am blogging. I've always read people's blogs and have always been wanting to try it, so I figured since it's Friday... I'm off and laying in bed, what better time to start then now!

So a little bit about me not that I expect anyone to "follow" my blogs, but just in case.

I live on the East Coast, Virginia Beach, Virginia to be exact. It's home, always has been (besides the 3 years I lived in NY). I live with my roommate and her daughter, although I am never there. I am 93% of the time at my boyfriend Christopher's bachelor pad (he lives with 3 other guys). We have a 9 month old Rottweiler named Layla (pictures to come later). I also have a cat named Zoe, but she is scared of my roommates dog, so she is with my sister now. I am pushing 30..... which
is kinda nice, but kinda weird. I guess just the mentality of knowing I won't be in my 20's anymore. So there it is... just a little blurb about me. I am sure I will dispose more information about me as I continue blogging.


So as I sit here on the bed, I am thinking to myself that there is a ton of stuff that needs to be done and that should be getting done, and I still find myself laying here flipping the channel between Foodnetwork and HGTV (two of my favorite channels).

Sooo...... here are the items of things that should be getting done......

~ BF's Laundry (a little of mine tossed in there)

~ Cleaning the bathroom

~ Dusting

~ Vacuuming

~ Weeding the front flower beds (more about that subject later)

Not to much to do, and I can say majority of them will be getting done today except the weeding part.

So let me just say I don't mind doing yard work (weeding, planting, watering). My boyfriends bachelor pad right now is "That House" on his street. They/ we (and I say "we" because my roommate and I live a street away) live in a great neighborhood. It would seem that they are a little out of place, just for the fact that they have 4 guys living here and all their neighbors are a little older or they are in the mid-thirties with a family. But none the less they are well liked on their street except for the fact there house is a bit of an eye sore right now. Last year they put in a much needed flower bed....... I planted flowers and made it more inviting, but they are HORRIBLE about weeding. Up until about two or three weeks ago the weeds were literally up to my waist. I went and bought spray to kill them and it worked, but now it's just dead yellow weeds in the flower beds and none of them seem motivated to go out and actually pull them out. I actually think that they are waiting for me to do it, and most likely I will because the more I talk about it, the more it's starting to URK my nerves.

So I guess this is where I should end my very first blog, so I can start on my "To do List"....... wish me luck! =)

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  1. Good luck with weeding and welcome to blogging!