Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's amazing

How one little issue can destroy a friendship!

I am now down one friend, and this upsets me to no ends. I have been there for her WHENEVER she needed me, and after one misunderstanding she drops me like I meant nothing to her.

I don't know if you all remember awhile ago I posted something about people knowing about their insurance.

Well so called friend, brought her daughter into our office to get her cleaning done. She recently just signed up her daughter for her insurance. I got her information, so called friend said that she was eligible that day she was signed up.

I gave the information to the finance lady, in my office. She went online and couldn't pull her up, so we were like okay they just haven't updated there systems yet.

Well about three weeks ago, so called friend calls the office and said that insurance denied her daughters cleaning because she wasn't covered, and received a bill from the office for $350.

I told her to call her insurance since so called friend was told the insurance kicked in that day she signed her daughter up.

She called me back and said I called them, and they said she wasn't eligible until March 1st, and that if you all would have called you all would have known.

I said don't worry about it, I will handle the bill. She says should I talk to the lady in finance, and I told her no, that I would just take care of it.

That it would just turn into a pissing contest if she spoke with the finance lady because, she will just say it's not our responsibility to know your insurance, so therefore it's your bill that you owe.

I get a test message from her husband the following day, saying that they shouldn't be responsible for the bill.

I again told him not to worry about it, that I would take care of it.

And he responded with "I don't need someone to pay my fucking bills!" If my daughter wasn't covered then we clearly wouldn't have brought her in, in the first place.

I told him I was just going off the information his wife gave us.

So needless to say, I text her once before I went to New York, and said I didn't want her to be mad at me. And I didn't hear anything back.

Until today that is..... when I received a text that said this....

so called friend: If u wouldnt mind getting together the clothes u have of mine 3 things imparticicular.. my green sweat pants... short short sleeve purple t.neck and 3/4 sleeve cream sweater. I know I have a shirt of yours & if u know of anything else let me know & I will find it.

Me: Yeah, sure. I think it's a little ridiculous that your not speaking to me.

so called friend: K thanx & I think how u handled everything was ridiculous! So whats ur point?

Me: How did I handle it? By saying I would take care of it? Because I knew how the finance lady would react? And what do you know.. i told you it would be a pissing contest if you spoke to her. Thats why I said I would take care of it. I would have just rather left it at that and still be friends. (she called the office while I was in New York)

so called friend: Im not sure what finance lady said happened, but it was no pissing match. we both screwed up & that was the bottom line! I didnt think it was fair that i had to be responsible for the whole bill when ur office didnt follow through either! That was it!

Me: I told you I would take care of it! I don't like conflict so thats why I said I would just pay it.

so called friend: She had no business making it personal btwn u & me! b.c we were friends should of been more of a reason to deal w/it fairly btwn u & me! But you wanted to act childish & react how you did! ( i still don't know how I reacted???)

so called friend: CARRIE I GOT ANOTHER BILL WHILE U WERE AWAY THAT SAID PAYMENT DUE NOW!!!! so I called! & i don't need u to pay my fucking bill! THANX!

Me: How did I react? And I can see how important our friendship was! Cool.

so called friend: Yea that feeling is very much mutual! COOL!

And that was that.

I am too old to be dealing with the shit.

I am starting to take a good look at all my friends and finding out which ones are good and which ones are hazardous.


  1. any girl that owns a pair of green sweatpants doesn't need to be your friend anyway. what a biznatch! ughhhh! not YOUR fault that she doesn't know her own damn insurance. whatever. i say text back with a big fat middle finger and be like..."get your shit together bitch before you come attacking me. kthanks".

    sorry you had to deal with that. hope you've cooled down and realized you're better off not stressing about it.

    let's get a drink k? team carrie all the way :)

  2. Dude I can't believe you were willing to pay her bill! I wouldn't have been that nice especially since it wasn't your fault, she was taking advantage of your friendship by putting the blame on you. Any other doctor's office would have done the same thing yours did. It's the patient's deal to know their insurance.

  3. WOW!! Maybe it's a good thing that you 2 aren't friends anymore! She sounds very childish...It's hard to lose a friend, but was she ever really a friend in the first place? And I agree with Bananas...No friend should have green sweatpants!!

  4. I'm sorry, that sucks! Like my mom always says, too many women never really grow up.

  5. Seriously, is this for real? It doesn't sound like she was a good friend to have, if she's going to go postal over something as trivial as this. Especially, when you said you would take care of it!

    Oh, and green sweat pants? There's just no excuse for owning those:)

  6. Oh wow.... crazy! I cannot believe you were going to pay her bill! JEESH! You are too nice. In my opinion, she is over reacting and she took advantage of your personal relationship and your professional relationship.

    Love and hugs to you, C!

  7. Holy immaturity batman. That is the most bizarre situation. You were trying to help and got slammed for it. You're right. Life is too short to deal with Negative Nancys!

  8. WOW someone has issues.
    I'll be your friend :P

  9. It sucks no matter what, loosing friends is no fun. a day doesn't go by that I don't feel like calling Tinkerbell, my ex best friend. I am sure you will make new and better friends.

  10. Sometimes i think things like this are meant to happen...that way you can find out who your true friends really are!!!

  11. Lmao at bananas comment.

    Ditto on the green sweat pants. ;)

    Sorry it all went down like that. Some people need to remove the stick from their asses.

  12. ok i soooo too had to laugh at bananas comment!

    yes we're too old to be dealing w/this...i'd have kissed your butt for saying you would handle it for me....shesh!

  13. Seriously, she needs to stuff that craptastic attitude into the green sweatpnts and chill out.

    Listen, you couldn't have been nicer about the whole situation. Insurance is a pain in the balls to deal with no matter what so for her to be getting all tweaked about it is totally unreasonable. She should have just called the insurance co. her self and filed the claim.