Friday, April 16, 2010

New York Minute

Beware: Tons of pictures

As much as I am glad to be back in the V to the A, I wish I was still on vacation.

I am waiting for the day that I can take a permy-vacation and not have to worry about going to work after the weekends.

The first day in NY we got to babysit Chris' niece Bailey, we figured no reason for her to go to the babysitter when weren't doing anything.

Plus I thought it would be a GREAT "learning" experience for Chris... although it didn't surprise me how good he was with her.

We ended up going shopping at the outlets.

Here is little Miss Bailey striking a pose (I think she was just excited to get out of her stroller).

I posted a while back at how horrible I am at bowling.... well this time I actually didn't do to bad. I actually almost broke 100! (hey, it beats the 43 I had last time!) Everyone else though.... was not on their "A" game..Chris and his mom normally bowl in the 200's.

This portrait is a painting on a brick wall outside a bar in the town where Chris is from. I thought it was pretty cool that his Grandfather was one of the people in the painting.

We were super pumped about going to the Mets game... Chris' best friend Gus and his wife Heather were suppose to come down from PA to join us, they had a terrible thing happen the day before they were suppose to come down Heather ended up having a miscarriage, and was scheduled for surgery that Saturday. =(

Here is Chris with two of his old High school buddies Fletcher and Smitty. They had tickets to the game as well, so we drove with them.

I was so glad that it ended up being a nice day when we went.

A little VA love for our local ball player D. Wright in the house!

Fletcher, may or may not have a gambling problem.. so his "Hostess" in Atlantic City hooked us up with VIP seats, and a sky box as well.

This is where we were suppose to sit. Still good seats, but who would pass up a chance to sit in the 2nd row??
So 4 tickets pretty much went to waste that day.

Chris and his boys again!
Although I didn't get a picture of it, I did get a foul ball! The little shits sitting behind me got the first one when it tipped off my fingers.
I of course pouted.... ended up getting the ball boy to toss me another foul ball, Chris stiff armed me and shoved me out of the way so I wouldn't lose it this time.. he two handed it and caught it! =) It was quite comical, since Fletcher and Smitty were trying to go for it too. After I re-composed myself from Chris stiff arming me, we noticed Smitty had spilled his WHOLE cocktail all over 2 of the teens sitting behind us! They were cool about it though. =)

This picture is out of order, but this is Julia Stiles throwing the first ball.

Another view of our seats before the game started.

A view from the Box seats.

This picture was suppose to be first, but I got a little click happy. =)

A few days later we went into the CITY.....

Chris and I in Time Square doing the typical tourist pose.

I love all the bright lights and big billboards. I told Chris when we hit Mega Million I was going to buy a loft apartment on 5th ave. =) (Stay tuned.. I will keep you all informed so that way you can visit.)

How cute is this Easter Bunny with an egg on its nose?

Rockefeller Center

People were still Ice Skating

St. Patrick Cathedral

Chris then took me to eat dinner at one of his favorite places.. Alfredo.

Chris LOVES there apple martini's here, I of course had to be different and try their Italian Lemonade, which was delicious.
I was a little disappointed on the service we had. The waiter kinda seemed like he didn't want to serve us, and gave the table with the older couple next to us better service then us. Stupid dummy didn't even give us a run down of the specials they had!

And then it was time to go catch Mary Poppins. I LOVED the play... although again I was a little disappointed because there were a lot of parts that didn't really fit with the movie.
Side note: Ummm... Chris and his sister have never seen the movie Mary Poppins!!! Can you believe that!
ENTER SUPER SAD FACE HERE ----->_______ I didn't get the chance to meet up with lovely Mrs.Summer. =( Chris & I were really bummed.

I decided to cook dinner one night for Chris' family, his sister took us to Uncle Giuseppe's Italian Marketplace (If you live in NY have you ever been???)
UMMMM.... it was AMAZING, I wish we had one back here!
Everything looked so delicious, we could have spent hours and tons of mulla in there.

And last but not least....

I got to go see my old childhood home in Eastmeadow! =)
So there you have it..... little snippets of my NY vaca for you.
Chris' Mother (she adores moi) has invited me to come up whenever I want while Chris is out to sea.... so I may be back soon!
And I will def. be flying in not driving I can tell you that!
~ciao bitches


  1. welcome back lovey!!!

    looks like fun times. i absolutely love NY and everything about it. seems like everything there is better.

    i want that drink you ordered. looks delish!

    happy friday!!!

  2. Aww what fun!! It looks like BLAST! :):) I'm severely jealous. I have yet to go to NYC.

    I love baseball games! Except, I obvs cheer for the best team on the block- The RED SOX! hehe

  3. p.s. Chris' neice is ADORABLE!

  4. Yayay!!!! And Bailey is AUHDORABLE! Love the pics!!! Love you lady!!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful trip :)
    His niece is the cutest little girl ever!!!

    ...Welcome back...

  6. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! I will admit that I have never seen Mary poppins all the way through...I have seen bits and pieces.

  7. Looks like you had alot of fun! I can't wait to get back to NY!