Wednesday, April 21, 2010

weekend recap.... almost a week late..

So Friday night, I wasn't planning on going out, but Chris decided that we should go grab a cocktail or two.

Lets just say, we had a blast that night! It was probably because we had a gorgeous night and the bar is right by the marina.

We don't go out much anymore, because it seems like every time we go out it's lame and not at all, fun. But that definitely wasn't the case.

And like a dummy, I of course didn't take any pictures that night! Booo.... I know I suck.

Saturday, we had a duel birthday party for Mark and Jamie.
They rented a Party Bus so we didn't have to drink and drive

Here I am giving some love to Christopher.

And we went to Mexican for dinner... then hit the town.

The loser listed above is just that.... a LOSER. It's a long story... and maybe one day I will share the loser-ness of him. But for now... that's all you need to know L O S E R ~K~!

After the night was over, the Party Bus was taking us back to our car at the restaurant and only a street away we had just missed a HORRIFIC accident. And a body laying the the street. The police and ambulance were already there, but we still saw the lifeless body. =(
It is something I hope to never see again.
It makes me glad to know that I am always the D.D when we go out!
Sunday, was spent be completely lazy and not doing much, which was VERY nice.
This weekend Chris and I are headed up to Maryland for a softball tournament.
Happy Hump Day everyone!
~ciao bitches


  1. no need to explain why loser is a loser. he's wearing an ed hardy shirt. nuff said.

    you, on the other hand, are far from loserville. look how cute you are!

  2. Agree with bananas... Ed Hardy is totally a tip off to the loser situation~

    How horrible to see that accident! I'm glad you all were responsible and had a party bus!

  3. I'm so sorry you had to see the accident! What a terrible thing to witness.