Monday, July 12, 2010


Little Miss Can't Be Wrong tagged me for an award...

The rules are have to state where you'd like to be in 10 years. And then, from there, you tag 10 blogger friends to pass it on to!

Soooo.... here we go...

In 10 years.. I hope to be in my own place (of course with Christopher). Without roommates!
To have planned my 1st dream beach wedding (yes, I know I was married before, but it wasn't really my dream wedding) with the black wedding dress and all. And a couple of chitlins... I would prefer one or two.. Christopher on the hand wants four (not happening!). And let's not forget my precious furbaby.. who will never die Layla.. she of course will still be with us... along with the 2nd furbaby we have yet to get.

Now for the tagging

Caro @ The Carozone
Julie @ Brown Eyed Belle
C.L @ Geez Louise
Baker Girl @ Extended Vacation
Sarah @ Boredom Leads to Blogging
Risley @ Adventures of the Wilkinsons
Bathwater @ Memento Mori
Kelly @ Keeping up with Kelly & co.
Megan @ Megs7827
Katie @ Life with the Dietrich's

Enjoy ladies & Gent! =)

~ciao bitches


  1. Annnnnnd I love you even more for giving me initials. Haha. Thank you Doll for this award and I think you are going to be the happiest you'll ever be in 10 years friend! That black wedding dress is super amazing!! Its gorgeous!

  2. oh if only fur babies lived forever...sigh.

    congrats on the award woman! xoxo.

  3. Oh a black wedding, that sounds interesting. I do hope that happens, would love to see pictures of it. Oh and fur babies, I wouldn't mind having 4 fur babies. But babies like real babies...I think I'd want two. =)

  4. YAY!!! I'll re-post it tonight!! Thanks lady!!

  5. Aww, well thanks for the award, love :-) In 10 years I TOO will still have our two kittens who never die!! Hope you have a great day, Carrie! :-)