Thursday, July 22, 2010

Over hearing about it.....

So my "Office Managers" daughter (who is 27) and her boyfriend, adopted a dog the other day from the SPCA. She is a 1 year old Pitbull/Boxer mix who's name is Maci.

The O.M's family is suppose to go up North to help out with the grandparents cabin to do some fixing up... and her daughter who adopted the dog, well its her boyfriend and his friends that are doing most of the work. Her daughter is excited for everyone to meet the dog... and everyone in their family is snubbing her, because they think the dog is dangerous.

NONE of them have even met the dog yet! Yes, I know a pitbull (gasp... hold you breath) we all know they have bad rap sheet for being dangerous. I am one of those people who believe it's all about the owner.

For goodness sakes I have a Rotti, and people get nervous around her. But would she ever harm, bite, attack someone for no good reason? NO! She hasn't yet..... she isn't a racist dog.... she gets long well with other dogs, plays well with kids. She is the biggest sweetie you probably will ever meet.

Anyhoo.. back to the topic... So all this week.. all I have heard about is this DOG! The O.M's other kids a son who is 34 and another daughter who is 23... have been calling here all week... including her sons wife who is being a complete biznotch about the whole thing.

The daughter in law said that if her daughter brings her dog, that her, her husband and their son were not going to go.

And that her son and her little shit Chihuahua are never going to be around that dog. And get this.. she said that the daughter should have consulted with the family first before getting "that" kind of dog.

I mean seriously.... she is a grown adult... why in the hell would she need to consult with them? She has her own house.

If I was the daughter... I would tell them all to go to hell.

It just bugs me that NO ONE... has even gone over there to see the dog or get to know her. But they all want to pass judgement before even getting to know her.

I talked to the daughter yesterday, and told her that if she wanted me to bring Layla over to play with her I would be more then happy to do that.

So it to the O.M's family SUCK IT UP..... get over it! I'm tired of hearing your Mother argue with all of you on the phone about this puppy who know one is giving a chance.

Seriously Annoyed,


  1. wow...that is seriously ridiculous!!! i cannot stand issues like that...predetermined judgment...absolutely unnecessary until proved otherwise...grrrr!!!

  2. It is partly the owner and partly in the breeding. Having just seen a Pit/Mastiff being put to sleep I can understand the concern.

    Gollum wasn't a viscous dog to it's owner and family but it wasn't very bright either and it would snap at kids and confused with a lot of commotion. The problem was the thing was 80 pounds, with a hug head it wasn't safe to let it out of site.

  3. Oh girl, you know how I feel about this. But on the other hand, tomorrow is FRIDAY! Breathe ladycakes!

  4. ughhhh! this kinda shit pisses me off....especially since i come from a family who has pits. i know from experience how people can be...always so quick to judge...but they are just ignoramies who know NOTHING about animals.

  5. that's dumb. i actually didn't know people thought pitbulls were dangerous? I guess I've known too many people who've had them as pets. I can't believe they thought she should have spoken to the family first when she is 27.. that made me lol.