Thursday, July 15, 2010


This past week has been HELL! Well okay that may be a little dramatic... but it suuuuriously has been crazy.

~ We are still without an assistant at work.. so the Office Manager is going NUTS... literally!

~ I have a change thief in the house of bachelors.....(probably over $10's in change taken from my change jar that I keep in the closet) I know who it is... I sent Chris a bitch mail about it.. and in return he sent the culprit a "You better show some respect to Carrie email."

~ I feel like the dudes think just because I have boobs and a vajayjay that it automatically makes me there house keeper.

~ I'm concerned with the way people "clean".... just because you vacuumed the den and did HALF of the dishes.. does not mean you cleaned!

~ I have two care packages that need to be sent out to Chris. I keep forgetting my over seas forms that go with them.

~Anyone tried the new fun flavors of Starburst? They're pretty good... Kiwi Banana.. Lemon Limeade... Cherry Splash... Strawberry Watermelon

~ What about Dum Dums.. anyone have any of those lately? They too have some new flavors... Mango... Banana Split... Coconut.. Tangerine... Cotton Candy

~ No, I am normally not a JuNk -A- hOliC... but lately with sending care packages out to Chris... it's weird... not everything fits into the boxes I have... so I have to take some stuff out. =) So instead of two bags of Starburst and Dum Dums... he gets one of each.

~ My girlfriend Christy who is a graphic designer... also does photography on the side.. well she is wanting to get into the whole Boudoir photos. So I am set up tomorrow for 2 photo shoots 1.) The Boudoir photos and 2.) later in the evening for photos of Layla and myself at the beach. =) Should be fun.

~ I've realized... yesterday that I am a very reserved person. Walking into Fredericks of Hollywood I became really embarrassed. I don't think I will ever see myself buy crotchless panties anytime in my near future. I did however purchase this polka dot corset to wear. Hopefully they come out great and she won't have to do a lot of photo shop on me. Keep your fingers crossed!

~ ANOTHER girlfriend of mine is preggo! I've come to the conclusion I will probably be the last of my friends to have a child.

~ Seriously... who walks around an office and asks where our "leader" is??? Ummm... The Doctor I can tell you is not my leader!

And even though I am having yet AGAIN... a crap week... I will leave you with another funny "JACKED" up email blurb I received from Chris today.

"Speaking of jacked , I ‘m close to weighing 190 lbs and I’m about to go squat a house for my leg workout, BEAST "

~ciao bitches


  1. "Leader"?? Uhhh they might as well be calling him their master. Lol.

    Shut the front door! Never heard about the new starburst flavors. I was just thinking, and this is no lie, when are they gonna come up w/new flavors. And now this. That is awesome news!

    Try to have a good day chickie! xoxo.

  2. The pictures sound like a good idea can't wait to see them...oh you mean we aren't going to see them? Suddenly they don't sound as neat.

  3. Come back to Canada the first week of August, I'll try to make a not crappy week happen for us.

  4. I live with two boys right now and I think the same thing about their cleaning styles. They must think I am their maid. Just because I cleaned up after you once, doesn't mean I'll continually do it. I swear, I go to bed at night and the sink is empty, when i leave for work in the morning...there are more dishes than we own in there. Sigh.

    Cheers to a relaxing weekend on its way!!

  5. You might think Im even crazier....I don't have a sweettooth whatsoev. I actually have no candy in my house...weird right? But I do love starburst and dum dums..they are heaven! Might just have to give in and try those new flavs!

    And for the "leader" freaked me out and I wasn't even there! ICK.

  6. PLEASE tell me how the pictures turned out. I SOOO want to do that one day!

    Hope your weekend is fabulous!! :) Love ya.

  7. umm cotton candy dum dums sound amazing. I hope your week improves. It has to! TOmorrow is Friday. I love the idea of boudoir photos!!

  8. I'm in the same boat. Three of my friends are pregnant, and that's not including the vast number of preggers on the blogs I follow. Yup, I'll be the last too.

  9. I also think that I'm going to be the last of everyone I know to get pregnant!!!

    Hope the pictures turn out great!

  10. quite a few of my friends are having babies too. Me, I sorta like my life the way it is.... : )

  11. thanks for commenting on my blog! how'd you like jack johnson? i thought the concert was amazing and i hope you had an absolute blast! love your blog :)