Monday, July 12, 2010

Canadian Trip

Ahh... I am sooooo horrible at posting pictures! So FINALLY here are some pictures of my trip to Canada. A BIG BIG Thank you goes to Caro for having a complete stranger from a different country come to stay with her! =)

I had a great time... which I still need to come back to see...

1. To see the fireworks from the bridge
2. To eat maple ice cream
3. Get a beaver tail
4. And of course to go shopping AGAIN! =)
Going up the big elevator to look at the view of Montreal
The old Olympic Stadium

An awesome looking building in Old Port

The tents of Circus De Soleil

The streets of Old Port

All the cute cafes on the street

Mmmm..... Poutine... talk about fattening... French Fries... with gravy and cheese on top!

Caro & I in Old Port

Another view of the tents and Old Port

Fireworks.... we were driving when I was taking them... that's why they are swirly.

And a raccoon... who really didn't care that there were tons of people around. I thought it was a cat at first.

We also went to a Nordic Spa which was AMAZING! I, like the dummy I am at times.. left my water camera in the lockers at the spa... and when I remembered it.. I was too LAZY to go grab it.
AGAIN thank you sooooo... much Caro for having me! =) Hope I wasn't too big of a pain the in butt for you.


  1. Yay! Love the pics ladycakes!!! :)

  2. Oh and I CAN'T wait for OCTOBER!!!!

  3. It looks like a fun place, did they make you try to speak french everywhere?

  4. wow! everything looks so gorgeous! thanks for sharing your amazing pics!

  5. How fun!! French fries with gravy and cheese? It's 8am here and that kinda sounds pretty dang good!! Might have to head up to Canda to give 'em a try ;-)

    Happy Wednesday Dear! xo