Thursday, March 3, 2011


Is it just me or is it REALLY ANNOYING when other people eat your food? Whether it be roommates or co-workers. Or am I just being completely unreasonable/ bitchy/ dramatic?

Thoughts please?



  1. It takes 2 seconds to ask someone if they mind if you eat their food - you might not get the answer you want but it's the RIGHT thing to do. I hated this in college and sometimes still get a bit miffed at my boyfriend when I purchase healthy snacks for myself to help in my weight loss journey and one night on a bender he eats all of them [say my container of almonds or something]. Drives me insane, thankfully he helps with the groceries but in the end it's still rude.

    Especially if it's co-workers or roommates!!!! I feel you 100%

  2. NO! You are not being unreasonable!! I would be incredibly annoyed too! Whatever happened to just asking the person if it would be ok to eat the food? If not, they should get their own! I know how you feel!

  3. You are NOT unreasonable whatsoever...I never had a problem post-college, but in college, my roommates would ALWAYS eat my food and it alwaysssss got my goat. So much so that I literally stopped grocery shopping midway through my senior year. haha. Now my roommate {my husband haha} always eats my good food...makes me laugh now though ;) so happy to have stumbled on your blog! Hope your food stealer stops soon! xoxo {av}

  4. Okay. So I had a roommate once who moved in for a few months (it was a temporary thing from the get-go). However, I'd been living in my apartment for FIVE YEARS so maybe I had a little bit of entitlement. ;) Nevertheless, I came home one night within 10 DAYS of her moving in and she had all these people over (it was late on a Monday night!) and had cooked with all my pots, pans, and FOOD! For all her buddies! I was so frustrated . . . and I'm a sharing kinda girl! I think it's that we didn't even know each other yet.

    Also: Once I had 5 Lean Cuisines in the freezer in the staff lounge and they got STOLEN! And I'm a freakin' high school teacher!

    Sorry this has happened to you. :)

  5. Preach on girlfriend. My best friend still talked about the day that I went crazy over someone who got into my juice in our dorm room fridge (I don't remember this at all!). It only takes a few seconds for someone to ask you if you'd mind, and you'd probably always say yes!

  6. i totally get ticked off when people eat my food or my left overs, i dont care if it sits on the shelf or in the fridge for a month. It doesnt have your name on it, you didnt buy it so dont eat it and especially without asking! Get your own! Dang It! LOL! Preach on girl!