Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Healthy Choice has done-a me right......

Since I am on a quest to loose about 20+ poundage's, and on the quest to eating healthier except for the weekends. My co-worker has turned me on to these delicious quick and easy meals. Not only are they packed with protein but they are only about 230-330 calories. AND you get a pretty decent amount, not like those "other" brands that barely have anything in them and you feel like you can eat 5 of them. 

Have any of you tried these? If not... and you are looking for a healthy lunch thing for work these would def. be my number one choice...... and in case you wanted to know what my second choice would be.. it would be Chick Fil A which isntsohealthy!


  1. I do like them. I actually am a big fan of the meatless ones. I am not sure but I generally like those better (and I am not normally a non-meat eater!)

  2. When I worked, I ate these all the time...SO CONVENIENT!

    My only word of advice, make sure you are drinking lots of water. When I first started eating them (daily) I got pretty bloated...then I realized they are packed with sodium. Once I upped my water, they were perfect!

  3. Yes! I have had these and they are good! I am trying to watch what I eat too!

  4. I haven't tried these cause I'm a vegetarian and most of them seem to have meat, but I loooooooove Amy's organic vegetable lasagna! It's so delicious and definitely fills me up. You should try it! (but not the roasted vegetable kind or the cheese lasagna or low-sodium--it's the plain old vegetable lasagna that I think is so good). :)

  5. I will have to try this!!
    I like lean cuisines!