Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little bit of this..... a little bit of that.......

First thing first...  Mrs.Bear over @ Think Happy Thoughts tagged me for an award.

Name of the list 7 facts about Moi.

1~ I have an obsession with Cook Books... I barely use them when I do cook, but I still can't get enough of them.

2~ I am a Spring and Fall girl. (I love the beach... but don't love the 100+ degree weather sweating and having the sand stick to you and then having to get in the car.. which is scorching hot! ... and the winter... the 20 degree weather not so nice espesh.. when we never see snow!)

3~ If I get married again.... I want a black wedding dress.

4~ Two of my favorite foods are pasta and fish. I could eat either one of those dishes every night.

5~ I am patiently waiting for a certain black diamond to be placed on my left ring finger.

6~ I have an obsession with the crossword and find the difference in the pictures in the PEOPLE magazines.

7~ My new favorite summer drink is a RUBY RED CRUSH one of the local hot spot's here in Virginia Beach Waterman's is know for there Orange crushes, but last year they started the Ruby Red one.. and let me tell you it is TO.DIE.FOR! (the first link has both the orange and ruby red one)

Now I am suppose to pick some gals to pass this on too! But it's always hard for me to pick. So I pass this along to all of you! =)


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  1. Oh I like the idea of a black diamond! I hope you get it soon! I love pasta too! Cute post!