Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I would've pee'd my pants...

Arriving to work today with it still being icy and slushy from the ever lasting snow.... common sense kicked in to not park in the area it was, well icy and slushy!

When I walked into work all, I hear is "well put that ice pack on your elbow so it doesn't swell up!"

A few minutes later L the office manager comes out from the back and tells me that T.P Assistant slipped on the ice and fell.

Thinking to myself... damn it I wish I was there to see it!

I tell L that I am surprised she actually came in today considering the kids had a 2 hour delay due to the nasty roads..

L informs me that T.P called her early this morning claiming she couldn't come in because of the delay.. and L informs T.P that she will not be able to use a sick day if she doesn't come in.

T.P comes in with her daughter... and stupid parks in the most iciest spot in the parking lot!

I mean seriously use your brain!

So I guess when she got out of the car..... slip sliding she went.... her lunch went every where.... her phone flew out of her hands and into three pieces (just the phone... battery... and and backing.. nothing major, before you think I am a total bitch)

So she calms down and walks up front and asked if I heard what happened... I said yes... and that she better be glad I didn't see it because I would have probably pee'd my pants from laughing so hard! (mean? YES! Don't judge, you all know you would laugh too!)

She said you would have? And I said yes, and not to lie because if it would have happened to me she probably would have laughed too! And was all like, no I wouldn't! I told her she was full of crap! She finally admitted that she would have.

I did tell her that she deserved it for parking on ice in the first place.. when there were many empty spots with no ice on them!

There..... thats my funny story for today! =)



  1. Pahahhahah that was pretty funny... I would have laughed then I would have helped them up pahahahaa....


  2. You secretly loved that this happened to her don't you? I would! :)

  3. Haha! Poor thing! I would have had a hard time not laughing too...

  4. Sucks for her! I tried to shop on vs at work and it is blocked! Hello, I am not trying to be a perv I want clothes!

  5. Haha. That is great, I would have laughed to.

  6. I dont know how you held back form laughing

  7. I totally would have laughed! {because I am NO stranger to slipping on my butt ;)}

  8. Bahahaha. I would have laughed. But then again, I'm an asshole.

  9. You have a blog award waiting for you on my page..