Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nasty tampon story.... squatters.... & death threats..

Ahh..... it's been asstastic past two weeks, with being sick and the chaos that took place during the weekend.

Lets start with last weekend....


So last Friday someone told me a nasty story (cough.. cough.. t.p).

They went to the va-jayjay doc, to find out they had a tampon stuck up inside them!!!! (not kidding total serious face on!)

How does one forget that they have a tampon in? Is that not one of that nastiest things you have heard!

Bleh.... VOMIT!


Friday night Chris and I went bowling, nothing to exciting there since I am really not that great of a bowler. I think my highest score out of the 3 games we played was a 67! =)


Chris and I were pretty slothy in the morning. When we finally got motivated to get up, we met some of our friends a local bar on the beach for some lunch and drinks.

We went home lounged around and watched basketball.

And then had frozen pizza and wine for dinner, while we watched the Olympics.



Chris was up at 8:30 for some odd reason, and he decided that I needed to be up with him instead of sleeping in.

We exchanged our gifts..

I got him a new brown leather casual watch that he has been wanting and he gave me flowers, balloons, cards, a tanning pass & lotion, and a new make-up bag that he said was for both of us.

Which means that it's for me to put all my cosmetics in, but for him because now they won't be scattered around his bathroom! =)

So after presents he said... now it's my day I am watching the Syracuse vs. Louisville game. And we sat and watched basketball until it was time to get ready for dinner.

We had 5:30 reservations at McCormick & Schmick's, and we were joined by our friends Cat & Dan. Dinner ended up to be really nice, it's definitely not one of my favorite places, but it was good.

After dinner Cat & Dan came back to Chris's house and we ended up play cards. Things ended up getting a little heated while we were play cards because Dan is VERY competitive and kept losing!

I ended up going to bed because I couldn't take it anymore.


I was still not feeling well, so I went home early from work. Chris and I had pizza and watched Couples Retreat, which was just ehhh..... okay.


I get to work and T.P assistant isn't here because of her son being sick...

the day actually went by fast... and then I get an anonymous phone call letting us know there is an obscene post about our office on Craiglist under the Rant & Rave section. So I sign onto Craigslist... click into the section... scrolled down and found the article....

After reading the second paragraph, I already knew who wrote it. I'm not going to post it on here because it is really distasteful..... but I will however post the last line of the post.....

So fuck you too David, Jeanette, Keri and the whole bunch. Hope you die.

Nice huh!

So the narcissistic asshat who wrote this post, is my roommates ex-husband! Who is a little bitter because he had a balance in our office, that he failed to pay for the last 2.5 years. He has a court date with our lawyer on Thursday, and I am sure the judge is going to LOVE this little post he wrote!

Not only that the asshat is suppose to be taking his Chief exam for the military tomorrow... and guess who is getting a little copy of his lovely post??? His Commanding Officer!

So here is to you MIKE you narcissistic asshate of a womanizer, your 35 you need to grow the f*&^ up and pay your bills! =)


Which leads us too today..... I never really get on Craigslist, so it surprises me that this morning one of our patients called to inform me of the post as well on Craigslist, and to let us know someone responded to it with this...

Hate to break it to ya, but you're the one who fucked up in this situation. You knew you owed them money so it was your responsibility to pay it. Did you think just because you hadn't received a bill you didn't owe anything? If you're gonna be pissed at someone, be pissed at your ex for not forwarding your mail. I liked the "saprophyte motherfuckers" insult, though. Kudos for originality.

Ahh.... I love grown adults who act like little kids!

Happy Hump Day everyone! =)

~ciao bitches

P.S. I will save the squatting story for tomorrow! =)


  1. So Tinkerbell told me a story once about having a tampon stuck up inside of her but she knew about it. It involved getting really, really high and having sex-- no surprise there.

  2. Wow. This is all pretty intense.

  3. crazy! i've read the best of craigslist before and there is some funny stuff on there!
    glad you had a good weekend and a great valentine's day! hope you are feeling all better now! enjoy your day :)

  4. Wow! You suck at bowling! Just kidding! I totally suck too!

  5. Dang! Someone had a bad dental experience. Ew they spelled your name wrong. Idiot!

    And re: the tampon story, i heard about one several years ago. Check this...a friend of friend noticed she had a foul smell coming from below and what do you know...old tampon stuck in her vajayjay. Sick!

  6. Eww, so gross about the tampon. Why do people think it's okay to share that kind of information?

    Sorry about the crazy rant on craigslist. At least most people know by reading it that he's the one in the wrong and not your office.

  7. I had pizza twice too this weekend.

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  9. Nevermind...I'm posting it tomorrow at 10AM...I got the day mixed up...

  10. Obviously getting a tamp stuck in your vajayjay is common, but Im still confused as to how you forget its there! ICK. Um, I don't hope you die, I think you are wonderful. That kid is an asshat and I absolutely love that you called him this. Adults are such kindergarteners. I hope you feel better soon. PS: You should have your tote by no later than the 25th! :) Lurve yas.

  11. There's nothing better than adults acting like kiddos. Happens way too often methinks!