Monday, February 1, 2010

I say bullshit...

Virginia Beach is not known for getting snow.... so I think it is complete bullshit that I have to be a work today!

The roads are all iced over.. my normal 15 min drive to work took me over an hour...

I am the only one here at work that doesn't have an SUV... I am driving a little '04 Acura TL.. I mean seriously! The main roads have barely been plowed or salt/sanded!

The Doctor isn't seeing anyone today, because the T.P Assistant "couldn't" come in since the kids are out of school!

Which pisses me off even more!

She then has the nerve to ask the Office Manager if she could use a sick day today!?!

3 words for you


If you can't notice I'm once again in a fowl or (foul?) mood!


~ciao bitches


  1. Aw.. sorry!! Hope your day gets better!

  2. I'm so sorry you are having a bad day.Hope it gets better...

  3. See it all looks like fun till work day comes!

  4. Ahhh haa! Bitches be ALWAYS crazy. Sorry to hear the bitches are putting you in a foul mood. Hope the day flies by hun!

  5. oh hun :( i'm sorry to hear this...
    i hope your day is long over now and you are enjoying a relaxing night at home!!
    p.s. hope you had a great weekend!! XO!

  6. oh bleh!! i hope that yesterday ended up getting better!!