Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hiya.......... Happy New Year

Hey everyone... I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and a kick ass ringing in of the NeW YeAr!

Even though I didn't get my black diamond..... ( I wasn't really counting on it.. just wishful thinking. I didn't want the question to be popped on a holiday anyways.. I want it to be on it's own day. =) )

I had the best present I could ask for anyways.. and that was having Chris home for the holidays!!

I didn't take any pictures on Christmas day..... and I have none to share from our short vacation in New York during the blizzard... =(

However I do have some to share from NYE 2011

Do you all know how great it is to actually take pictures and smile without having braces on??? Well in case you don't know it's FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!
He was suppose to be looking at the camera with me...
Nothing better then ringing in the New Year with a group of GREAT people!

Champagne.... and red bull and vodka.. can't complain
Bottle #2

Time to do some blog catch up.... have a great Tuesday!



  1. You look gorgeous my friend! Happy new Year!

  2. Hey Pretty Girl! Happy New Year! I love champagne & vodka and red bull!!

  3. I am so happy for you and you look great without the braces.

  4. happy new year to you girly!!
    cute pictures of you and your man! you look beautiful :)

  5. Happy New Year to you too! Such CUTE photos! What did Chris think of the new changes on the house??

  6. Don't worry sweetie...your time will come...Im in the same boat as you...and I know how tough it can be but believe me it will happen when the time is right!!!
    Happy New Year sweetie, you look fabulous as always!!:)

  7. Cute blog!

    Too bad you didn't get your ring but it will be soo special when you do!=)

  8. aw yay! happy to hear you have your babe back. have fun...get crazy...maybe a little raunchy! rawr! ;)

  9. happy new year and what fun pictures! hope your first week of the new year went fantastic!

  10. btw way, listening to Katy Perry - LOVE HER!