Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hopefully it will stop soon.......

my cravings for ROOTBEER FLOATS!!! The past two weeks this is all I have been craving. Chris just looks at me in disgust.... (not really) and I know they aren't doing anything with helping me in the LOSE WEIGHT CATEGORY, and I know it isn't good to have one every other night..... well okay.. every night, but they are soooo.... tasty!

I hope everyone is have a great Hump Day!!



  1. Funny you mention that! I was just checking out the menu for the place my friend picked for us to have dinner at tonight and the first thing I saw was Old Fashioned Root Beer Float. I kid you not, my stomach growled at the same time. It's fate, I'm getting one.

    Try one with diet root beer and lite vanilla ice cream. It probably won't be as rich, but it won't be bad either! ☺

  2. Mmmm... I love root beer floats! ENJOY! p.s. I have been reading, just not commenting, I am soo glad Chris is home and I love everything that you have been doing in the house! Good work girl! XO

  3. now i want one! i haven't had one in forever!

  4. Well shit. Now I want a root beer float!!!

  5. Ohhh yummm! Sooo good! What are you doing to me girl!?