Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it too early to be thinking about Valentines Day??

So Valentines Day is mere 28 days
 away, and yes I know... I know... it's a Hallmark Holiday, but I wanted to switch things up this year. I've decided to take the stress off of Chris and surprise him with making dinner reservations for us. NOT that he hasn't done a fabulous job of planning in the past, but I know I can be kind of bitchy whiny if it isn't perfect.

I never ask for anything on this day.. but he always seems to come through and gets me a present. This year I will be getting him this lovely little print by a local artist by the name of Rick Romano 
(above picture, for some reason my blogger wants to act crazy and not post anything in the proper order.)

We ate dinner out the other night and the restaurant we were at, had one of his prints on the wall and Chris commented that he liked it. The one shown above is not the one that was at the restaurant, but I really liked this one.

Anyone else already preparing for Valentines Day?



  1. ... I've been thinking about it a lot too, actually and I am clueless! :-)

  2. No, Im lame. I love that print! Pretty dang awesome!

  3. what is valentine's day?! jk ;)
    i guess we don't celebrate vday. we just exchange cards.
    this year i think i'll cook a nice meal for my hubby since it's our first valentine's day as a married couple and i hardly ever cook anymore.

  4. We don't really do much to celebrate, but it's been on my mind lately because it's our first married valentine's day!

  5. It is not too soon at all!!! I love your plans for you and the boy.

  6. you're so sweet to take control of v-day!
    i'm not a big celebrater of the holiday, but this year i bought the boyfriend a little present!

  7. It is crazy...but I have totally been thinking about it too! I even started buying things! What a sweet idea, I think your lovie is going to be so happy!