Tuesday, January 11, 2011


~ Sometimes I feel bad for getting in my blogging time at work... but then I remember, everyone else does crap on the computer that isn't "work" related.

~ Dear O.M....... I don't care that your grown daughter just barely made her flight from Detroit... I don't need a play by play on when the plane is boarding.... taking off.... when her transferring flight is taxing in... and what gate she is at..... how much time she has to get from this gate to that gate. She's a big girl... and I am pretty sure that she has her big girl panties on and can deal with it..... jus' sayin.

~ Also O.M.... I don't care how much snow got dumped on everyone else... I am still in my cranky pants because I was hoping to get a snow day so I didn't have to be here today.

~ Mother Nature.... you SUCK... how is it that every state around around us got a shit ton of snow... and you just kinda like bypassed good ole' Virginia especially Virginia Beach with the white stuff.... literally everyone else around us got it... Hot'lanta...... South Cackalacky...... North Cackalacky.... Maryland...... Seriously.... WHAT GIVES!

~ Chris is sick.... UGGGGHHHHHHH.... Need I say more!

~ How is it that in an office of 5 people has SO MUCH FRICKEN drama!! I am over it... I need to find a new job.

~ I wish I could toss Chris' roommate in the "weeds" (if ya know what I mean)... He is the most inconsiderate person on the planet... (I'm not kidding he seriously is). This is our convo. yesterday afternoon...


Douche Bag: So the dogs took a little field trip this weekend...

Me: What do you mean?

Douche Bag: Well, the other night I went out.... and came back home and let the dogs out and kind of forgot about them outside, and they got out of the fence.

Me: And......

Douche Bag: Well, they got picked up by the pound... and I didn't know they were gone until I found the note on the door the next day that they had been picked up. I was so worried..... because I didn't know if I would be able to get Layla out (my dog) because she didn't have her collar on!

Me: Well no kidding.... that's because we only put it on her when we go somewhere because she is never outside without anyone.

I would NEVER....ever ever.... leave his dog out in the freezing cold and just "forget" he was out there. How can a 29 year old be that irresponsible and just forget.

Alrighty...... I think that is all I have on my mind right now.



  1. Wow you need to start Breakin Stuff, to much pent up aggression is not good.

  2. i would be SOOOO mad if that happened with MY dogs!!! What a moron! I hope your day/week gets much better!!!

  3. oh my gosh! that is so sad about the dogs! i'd be so upset and mad if i was you! someone needs to grow up. i'd kick him out if i was you as well...

  4. Kick their ass seabass. Bahah I love you and tell C to feel mucho better loves!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I would be sooo mad at that roomate!

  6. Oh no!!! He just left your puppers outside?? How horrible!! Sorry you're not getting any snow... I always say, if it's cold enough AT LEAST give me something to play in!! ;-) Hope your week is going well so far!

  7. I SO feel ya on the snow thing... Kansas City got a lot. Dallas even got a lot. But, Tulsa in the middle? Nope! haha! We got the frigid temps though! Brrrrrr! And um... yeah, who the hell forgets about dogs in the cold?! Or just forgets about them period?! Good grief. Thankfully, he got them back and they're okay. People. *sigh*

  8. Oh My God. The story about the dogs is redic. What kind of roommate does that. I would die.

  9. Can I send you some snow from New York?!? We have too much here!

    Poor little doggy...thank goodness everything is ok! What is going on in some peoples heads?!?