Monday, January 17, 2011

We're OUT.....

of the blessed play off's!!

And I couldn't say it better myself Jason Whitlock.....

"The fake (punt) was ignorant. There was no reason to force anything at that point. The Pats were getting the second-half kickoff. New England panicked. The alleged “smartest” team in football played a dumb football game."

Maybe it was karma from the A$$ WHOOPIN' we gave them week 14 with the ending score being 45 - 3.... or hell... maybe it was Welkers.. bad juju's for trash talking Rex Ryan and his wifes kinky foot fetish or maybe it's because Brady was playing like a pansy.

So in that case I am rooting for the GOLD and GREEN PACKERS! NO BLACK and YELLOW or GREEN and WHITE love here!!


  1. My boyfriend loveees the Jets but were still friends right?!?!

  2. What about some orange and blue love? Go Bears!

  3. sorry lady i'm rooting for the jets. i actually celebrated when the patriots we knocked out. i can't stand brady. he makes my skin crawl with that nasty hair of his. lol.

    but i will agree with you on the packers. also rooting for them.

  4. You root for Green Bay... and I'll root for the Steelers' Black and Gold! Maybe we'll meet in the middle? :)