Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is it okay to have like twenty jean jackets???? I mean they aren't like Bon Jovi type?!?

I am FINALLY getting around to un-packing my boxes at Chris' house and I didn't realize how much clothes I actually have.... granted most do not fit, because.. ummmm how did Chris put it the other day.... "I got comfortable in the relationship". Un-packing everything now is making even more motivated to get back into my size 28 seven jeans!

I took a pair out in the living room to show Chris my goal and the roomie was like ha ha ha... are those little kid jeans... my response: no dummy I wore these 2 years ago!!

Anyhoo... off to go hang stuff...toss stuff and organize the closet again for the hundredth time this month.



  1. I love that he said you got "comfortable in the relationship" :) haha

  2. You can get into those size 28 jeans, you know you can!! :-) I have three jean jackets all from Gap... one is like 8 years old and SOOO soft and comfy, one is fitted, and one is white. I love me some jean jackets :-)

  3. you can TOTALLY fit in those 28's again. i have no doubt.

    ps. you're not really going to celebrate your lover's birthday at chuck e. cheese, are you? that's just plain torture! lol.

  4. girl. i want to be thin again too. no motivation. how can we do this?

  5. Always good to have a visual motivation! You should hang those jeans in the kitchen to freak his roomie out =0)

    Left you something on my blog!

  6. I totally need to go through and clean out my closet! I definitely have jeans that I can't wear anymore...stupid happy marriage. Haha.