Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's Snowing!!! For once the weather people were actually right!!!

My sister, nephew and niece stayed the night with me last night... so this morning when my nephew woke up at 6 am we awoke to a blanket of white!
6 am and Layla's first time in the snow! She loves it!

Layla whining at the bedroom door to go back outside.... She has not stopped doing this since 6 this morning! She's like a kid.

Zander and Layla running around the back yard! These two are two of a kind!

I <3> Layla taking a lap around the back yard!

And now Bailey's turn to take a lap!

Stay tuned for more pictures! =)
~ciao bitches


  1. Remember SNOW ANGELS!!! Ha! They look like they are having a blast!

  2. Snow is very common here, but I wish there was a way to take a picture of how cold it is ...-30

  3. There's something wrong with the world if VA is getting slammed with more snow than MA. In fact, I think the best place in the US to avoid snow right now is MA. Twisted.

  4. I love the pics of the dogs running around. So adorable it's like they've gone to dog playground heaven!

    My folks live right at the very tip of the Delmarva Peninsula and they said the snow is just beautiful today. I said I hoped that they'd saved the snow blower that was always a staple at the house in NY we grew up in. They are transplants who decided on the beautiful and sunny VA shore and my mom said, "No, now daddy has to blow it himself."

    ?!?!? That's a very odd sentence to hear come out of your mom's mouth. It's just ew.

  5. Oh my I want to see snow so bad I've never see sno before because I live in Panama City,FL huh your so lucky...

  6. the whooooole blogosphere is freaking out about the snow!

  7. Head over to my blog...You may read something you like! :)

  8. Better you guys then us! Enjoy it I won't miss it a bit!

  9. oh that looks like fun! the dogs looks so happy. i love it!

  10. ohhhh your dogs looks like they LOVE IT!!!