Monday, February 14, 2011

Everyone knows what day it is....

 My hand delivered Flowers and Balloon from my LOVAH Boi!
Up close and personal look of the flowers.

I love that he surprised me with these. I literally was about to write how I probably wouldn't get flowers today, because he isn't the "send flowers" type. But once again he pulled through. 

However am so amazed at how people can get so ..ummm.. whats the word I want to use... Debbie Downer'ish on Hallmark Holidays. My O.M just walked up a patient and was like ... aww.. those are pretty... I told my husband not to send me any flowers today.... SERIOUSLY.. I don't care! Just leave it at "aww... those are pretty" and walk away..... walk away.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous LOVERS DAY.... and I leave you with one of my favorite quotes. 

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better then your dreams" ~ Dr. Seuss

Ohh... and before I forget....a BIG  Happy Anniversary to my Dad and Step-Mom! =)




  1. So many good quotes being posted today :). Awwww, Nice flowers!

  2. Did I ever ask you if Chris had a free single brother?

  3. Pretty flowers! My husband will usually give me flowers in person on Vday when i get home rather than have them sent. I think it's because he forgets until the last minute. haha.

  4. Beautiful roses! Isn't it fun to be surprised? My husband surprised me with flowers too! It never gets old!!
    I adore that quote! I may have to borrow it if that is ok with you and post on my blog?

    The Dr. Seuss quote is exactly how I feel about my life right now!