Thursday, February 10, 2011


 I ended up getting some of my wish yesterday.... it definitely snowed and is actually still snowing. And instead of being safe... and not drive in this crap... we are here at work. I was literally 2 inches from being ran off the road by an HUGE Cadillac Escalade... and then within the next half a mile.. the same Caddy hit someone! I am just glad it wasn't me he hit.

Pictures to come soon... I took my time getting to work this morning.. and took my baby girl out in the snow  so I could get some pictures of her. Chris is on official camera duty today, although I doubt he will take any. 

Here's to a snowy NON snow day!!



  1. What good IS snow if you can't stay home and watch it fall!

  2. Ahh, I hate it when SUVs think they can drive fast in the snow. I know it sounds terrible, but serves that Escalade driver right for driving crazy then getting in an accident. Enjoy the pretty snow!