Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover VA BCH...

Look what is happening literally 5 minutes away from my Office Building and 3 blocks from my Dad and Step-Mothers house!!!

You can read about the LUCKY and DESERVING family here.

Happy Tuesday to you all.



  1. Sooo cool! You'll have to check it out and take pictures :-) 2 years ago a tornado ripped through Kansas and tore up our neighboring town and where my mom teaches. The whole town of 800 people was demolished. One of the folks were lucky enough to get the makeover! But they were totally NOT deserving... the show just made it out to be. They sold all of the possessions from the house, bought boats with their insurance money, and then filed for bankruptcy like 8 months later :-S

  2. ahh that's so great! my dad actually works for sears and he has helps out on the projects that they put on! woohoo i hope you take pictures if possible!

  3. How neat! You should go stand around and be part of the crowd when they unveil it.

    Ha! That's so funny about the Ragin' Ape. It makes your hands feel really weird! :)

  4. Love that show! Take some pictures!!
    And thanks for the bday wishes girlie!!