Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

      You BLOW! And I am not just talking about the huge storm you just blew into pretty much every state in America... but that you had my lovely state (at least my area) excluded from that storm. WHAT"S A GIRL GOTTA DO TO GET A SNOW DAY??? So while everyone else is having SNOW and ICE, you've blessed us with 70 degree weather today! Now don't get me wrong.. it's definitely nice, and you have now made me SUPER EXCITED for Spring to come. But seriously... how are you going to give us 70 degree weather one day and then drop it into the low 30's the next day??

Thanks for the teaser day.... hope you get your stuff straight and start bringing on the warmer weather... like ASAP!

P.S Chris you blow too... while I am stuck in the office.... you get to be out in the nice weather golfing! 


  1. Whats a girl got to do to get snow? Move to Canada 30 cm coming down on us as I type this.

  2. Aw it's sunny and 70 here too... a blizzard in ME though... so glad I missed out on this winter :)

  3. We've had sunny weather the past couple days too. It's not quite as warm here - upper 40's. But I love the sun being out!

  4. I know! Its a bummer only when everyone else has off work. Otherwise we relish in the awesome weather!

  5. Seriously, I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature. How hard is it to get a snow day around here?!?