Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedge love...

With Spring just around the corner, and our 50 degree weather today, I cant help but get in the mood to start looking at the cute shoes. I. LOVE. ME. SOME. SHOES! Chris gets a little annoyed when I walk in with a new pair of shoes in hand, but like he tells me when he orders crap he doesn't need... "It could be worse... I could be buying crack." 
Enough of me rambling... here are some of my Spring shoe wants this year

 One day I will have skinny legs like this again... I love these wedges found at Free People.
 And even though I am not a big flower person... these are just too cute to pass up. These can be found at Asos.
 I am in L.O.V.E with these wedges... found at Nine West.
And these are another L.O.V.E... I adore the color combo on this wedge. These are also found at Nine West.

All four of these beauties will be on my Birthday wish list.


  1. Hey what about those sandlas you had when you came to MTL. They are still on the Target website, any change you can get me some? I'll pay you back :)

  2. dude, those first shoes are unique! wow! i really like them.

  3. I am a fellow shoe lover too! The colors on the last one are great for spring. I just came across your blog but can't wait to read more.

  4. Boots should not have open toes. Unless it has something kinky going on.