Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two things....

I don't think the ladies should do. Not that I am above it.. because hell I know since Chris has been gone.. I've had to do it... and I can tell you now... I NO LIKEY!

Not only do I MISS Chris a TON, but I also miss him because he use to do these two things.....

#1. Taking out the Garbage! I hate this with a passion... you would think the guy roommate would take care of this issue.. considering most of it is his crap in it... but that definitely isn't the case. He barely takes the garbage out... or takes the big cans down to the curb for trash day.

#2. Mowing the Grass!

Seriously... I don't know how some people like doing this... especially during the hotter then Haiti days. My sister and I did this BIG chore on Saturday morning at like 8am and it was already nasty out.

Roommate #1 again is not motivated to do anything, but when I actually take the initiative to get it done the correct way (mowing.. weed eating... blowing) he gets a pissy attitude!?! Sunday he informed me that he was kinda pissed that my sister and I did the yard work because he came home Saturday afternoon (5:00pm) to cut the grass. I just simply told him... well my mom needed her lawn mower (he broke the one they had) back and I wasn't going to let it get up to my knees again before you got motivated to cut it. I can't wait for roommate #2 to get back in the area... he is more "this crap needs to get done..I need to go do it" kinda guy.

Thank goodness for my sister! She doesn't mind doing hard labor.... I mowed the front yard... while she did the back and weed eated everything.

So there it is.... two things I don't think ladies should do.

Agree or Disagree?

~ciao bitches


  1. I agree with #2 there is nothing hot about seeing a girl mowing the lawn!

  2. I agree. I hate taking the garbage out because its always heavy, and i'm shorter so it bands against my legs as i struggle getting it to the curb. Fiance just picks it up and carries it no problem!

  3. i don't mind taking out the trash, i'd rather take it out than have to see a full trash can (even though it's hidden under the sink). i just can't stand when the bag is full. i know i take trash and recylcing out many more times a week than billy.
    i'm also the one to bring the cans to the curb which sucks when they are full and super heavy! billy brings them back in the garage. he takes the easy way out ;)

    if we had a lawn, i wouldn't mow it!! that i can say! he would be in charge of that for sure. since we have a townhouse the association takes care of it.

  4. i do everything, my little love bug. and husband reminded me the toilet was dirty. i handed him the brush and cleaner and said get to it!

    garbage is adam's job. and well, i end up doing it.

  5. Agreed! If the hubby not doing it I pay the kid in our court to do it and pay him out of our joint savings account. That has gotten the point across in the past.

    And the trash? Ewww....if my hubby didn't do that, he basically wouldn't do anything at all. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes...all stuff I do, if I add taking out the trash my need for a husband would plummet greatly. Even if I have to nag.

  6. I totally agree. I have done both but I don't like it! I will do many other chores before I do those :)

  7. Also killing bugs! Don't forget that one! :-)

  8. i refuse to mow the lawn. garbage is not too but but working a lawnmower is! hate that shit!!! and apparently dave does too...we have gardners :)

  9. AGREEEEEEE!! Hate the garbage and mowing, Thank God for apartments. Love you Boo!

  10. definite boy jobs. hate both of those things.

    and you can add: #3. anything to do with the garbage disposal.

  11. Scott is supposed to take out the garbage but, well I do it and I hate it!!! I hate when you close the bag and the smell of garbage comes out!! YUCK!

    I mowed the lawn I think twice and the second time I did it I was pulling a weed out of the ground and pulled my shoulder...Scott wont let my mow anymore :) haha...

  12. I've lived alone for years, so I dont mind doing the 'guy' things

  13. oh wow. definitely have to agree with you on these. and here I was complaining about having to wash the dishes but the two chores you mentioned are by far much worse.

  14. DEFINITELY agree about taking out the trash! Ladies are not supposed to be near such smelly stuff! I have yet to mow our lawn, but sometimes I can't help but think it would be a great way to be productive while working on my tan. Maybe some day.... ;0)