Wednesday, June 16, 2010

when is it?

Lately I've been wondering when is my life going to fall into place. Another one of my besties, just emailed me and informed me she was pregnant with her second child. And I couldn't be more then thrilled. Honestly... I know she's been wanting to have another child one day soon and although they weren't really trying right now, her and her husband are still elated.
I am now one of four "non-married" girls in my group. And not that I am complaining.. I've been married and divorced... Chris and I are happy where we are right now with everything. When he gets back from being out to sea... we are planning on getting our own place... and who knows what will happen from there.
But in the mean time... I just see every ones dreams and lives changing and mine seems to be at a stand still.
I'm ready to be a grown up... I'm ready to get my own car.... I'm ready to stop renting... I'm ready to settle down.... and maybe in the near future have a bambino.


  1. i understand but remember that good things take time! ok? i love you! mean it.

  2. everything will work out and fall into place for you hun! i just know it!! you have been through a lot already and have so much to look forward to.

    i sometimes wonder when certain things will just work out for me as well but i know everything takes time even though i want it all,! ;)

  3. I totally know what you're talking about... I feel the same way constantly and J is always telling me to stop comparing my life to others... It's hard.

    Eventually things have to fall in place... Right? :-)

  4. Oh, lady, I'm sorry you're dragging right now. I feel like all the girls in my life are getting married (or moving in that direction) too. There's only me and one other friend who aren't in a relationship, thank God for her or I would lose my mind lol. I know it sounds cheesy, but everything will fall into place :)

    Thank you for your comment today! I found your bloggy that way, yippee! I'm in VA too, by the way. I love to find other VA bloggers. Hope your week is going well, lady. xoxo

  5. Ditto! I couldn't have said this better myself... I just want the next thing. I wish I could be content because a ring is obviously out of my hands... but seriously, I want everything I am trying to practice patience but it's not really working out for me. :P

  6. i can completely understand how you feel. you're in my positive thoughts!!

  7. Here is what I say to you, don't put all your dreams into one basket. While the dreams of settling down and not renting are on hold work on the dream of writing that novel or finishing school or traveling the world or learning french or frenching a Spaniard.

    You get the idea.