Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I received another phone call from Mr. Lovah Lovah yesterday. They have officially arrived in France. And I am sure he is beyond excited to get off the ship today. And from what it sounds like he is going to have a busy day.... filled with drinking and playing golf with the guys.

I have informed him that, he better not forget the camera, and that I would like a nice present.


So onto this weekend... Uhhh... it's going to be super busy! I love busy weekends, but I also like the weekends where I can just be a sloth and not do or worry about anything.

I will be working until 12... then picking up Zander & Skylar (nephew&niece) for a day at my Dads pool. And then I have to babysit @ 6 that night.

I was volunteered to help bar tend for my office managers shindig she is throwing. *reminder next time someone "volunteers me" make sure to tell them I can't do it!
That night I have TWO birthday parties to attend. Dinner at 7 and then after that I have to run to the other party for a bit ... then run back to the other party.

I have to babysit again from 11-4.

In the mean time I am on the search for a new outfit to wear...and I am thinking of Skinny white jeans.... black top and heels. Now whether or not find that .. my outfit choice may change.

Have a wonderful HUMP day!

~ciao bitches


  1. Just seeing your list of to-do's this weekend makes me tired! How will you do it all? Oy.

  2. Yes, I agree with Kristen-- looking at your To-Do makes me VEERYY tired!! Hopefully you have lots of pretty weather to join you! :-)