Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I HEART him..

"Just wanted to let you know that they ran out of dumbbells that I can use in the gym. They don’t have any heavy enough, they only go up to 115 pounds and I’m to jacked to use those now. Just wanted you to know that."

This is the first part of an email Chris sent me today. I about pee'ed my pants! This is why I love him (I can say that now since I have written confirmation) whenever I am having a crappolla of a day.. I can always count on him to say something ridiculous to make me laugh.

Later down in the email... he mentioned he needed some more wife beaters... but he would prefer to have black and gray ones.

I asked what happened to all the white wife beaters I bought him before he left... which in turn I get this back...

"Cause I said I need them. I'm getting to jacked for my other ones. I'm going through them like crazy out here so the more the merrier. And because I want black and gray ones woman.. you don't get to ask questions."


  1. Damn woman! Why gotta go up'n ask'n him questn's you betta get thosedamn wife beaters before he com hom and put a beat'n on you.

  2. I die, that is great!!! So glad you heard from him love!