Friday, June 11, 2010

just some "I" things....

~I think I need to be on medication...

~It's Friday which I am glad. But looking at what all I have to do this weekend is making me feel extremely overwhelmed.

~ I am feeling very burned out lately.. between work... and babysitting every weekend.

~ I am finding myself to be very unpleasant lately..

~ When is it okay to get into CrAzY girlfriend mode? I haven't heard from the boyfriend who is out to sea. Yes, I know it could be numerous things.. and I know I shouldn't be all paranoid.. but I am. It's human nature.

~ I seriously need to get motivated to lose some of this "HAPPY" weight I have been lugging around on me. 190 didn't look good on me..... 130 did... and now 155 isn't looking pretty either. Especially when you go to try on clothes and get very discouraged.

~ I really need to work on my savings account situation.

~ I need to quit drinking so much soda... lately I have been drinking more of it... which is probably where I keep gaining weight from.

~ I need to find a happy place in my life... and let go of all the negative/toxic things in my life.

happy weekend everyone.

~ciao bitches


  1. Ok, I always think I need to be on medication... I also am a CRAZY girlfriend, a lot of the time... and I need to find that happy place too. Let's move closer together? DEAL?

  2. I think your list could be my list too! :) Hope you have a good weekend ladycakes.

  3. Your list is my list right now... Except I'm kind of in crazy wife mode already. I've lost it at alot of stuff lately.

  4. Soda is bad, bad, bad. Try diet soda if you must or plan water. I am on medication without it I am a wreck and then there is the self medicating I do that is more recreational though.

    Once you start on medication it can be hard to do without that is my theory or maybe I'm just not meant to be without anymore.

  5. I'm thinking about the needing medication too!!! Everyone seems to need it lately! :) I also haven't been very pleasant to be around!
    Losing weight would be a good thing for me too, but I'm too lazy and no motivation right now...I can't stop drinking pop or I would need to be HEAVILY medicated! :) haha

  6. And you say soda instead of pop :) haha...What can I say...I'm a northern-er :) haha

  7. I love the new colors, so pretty and fun!