Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Arts & Crafts...

Yesterday and this morning I played Travel Agent at work.... and this afternoon I played Arts & Crafts!
Not your typical "Admin. Assistant" job I can assure you that!
So while I sit here and slowly wait for 4 o'clock to roll around I decided to blog for a little bit. =)
The office is having a going away dinner tonight for the Hygienist a.k.a My Big Sis. =( So sad I am going to miss her SO MUCH! =(
(Photo's to come tomorrow)
Anybody else ready for the long weekend????
I have a busy weekend planned, so I am grateful that I only have to work a half a day tomorrow since everyone else will be off.
The American Music Festival is taking place here this weekend at the lovely beach... and I am pleased to announce the GREAT line up we have!! (I am only naming the good ones.)
~ Boys II Men
~ Black Crows
~ Sister Hazel
~ Tonic
~ Marcy's Playground
And a few others I haven't really heard of.
So Chris' doesn't know this yet, but that's what we are doing on Friday night.. ha ha ha.
Saturday, Chris has a softball tournament so it looks like we will be at that ALLLLL... day long! Which I am not complaining cause I love watching my babe play. He's so awesome (*vomit*)!
Sunday we have a wedding (crazy, mellow dramatic bachelorette I blogged about last week). Thank goodness Chris is going to be with me! It should be a good time with old friends. =)
And Monday I am sure is going to be a fabulous beach day. Sun.... friends... food... and drinks. Can't ask for anything better then that!
Hope everyone had a great Hump Day!


  1. aw thank you for the kind comment...

    sounds like a fun packed weekend. that music line up is AWESOME! i love heart and sister hazel and marcy's playground. heck ALL of them really.

    have fun!!!

  2. Your weekend sounds exhausting (in a good way)!

    Stick with Jillian...I swear you will be crying by the end of it, but you will feel better and notice a difference. I thought I was in pretty decent shape until I started The Shred. I am starting back (after the foot injury) next week...I will be sharing your pain again!

  3. That line up is sick! Have a great time!!