Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday take me away........

Can I just say, I am ready to go home already! I wish I worked in a place where I had my own little cubicle. AWAY FROM EVERYONE! (I totally have my serious face on when I say that)

Here is a little recap of what I have to deal with at the Dental office.......

August 3rd, we lost our main hygienist, because she moved up north. We only had two hygienist here in the office, one full time and one that only worked a half day on Mondays.

So now that she is gone we have 3 hygienist who come in on certain days...

B: Who worked the half day on Mondays, now works a full day on Monday and Wednesday.

D: Who took on the Tuesdays

M: Took on Thursdays

So all three of the new hygienist had worked here years prior to me being here.....

"B" (Monday girl) already had "M" working for her that Monday day because she was going out of town.... the old hygienist was in here getting some of her dental work finished and told "M" (Thursday girl) that she would probably be the "go to girl" when people needed to take off or whatever. Well "M" was like if that's the case then I won't pick up my phone when the office calls..... As I am hearing this, I think to myself... this is going to be an issue already.

So the following week when all the new hygienist were suppose to start, we get a phone call bright and early on Monday from "D" (Tuesday girl) apparently she was in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and broke her arm/hand, and was going into surgery the next day for it. She proceeds to tell us that she is only going to be out for 2 weeks??? (yeah, my thoughts exactly.. 2 weeks for a broken arm/hand that you are having surgery on?? I don't think so!)

So "L" our office manager was like I will just see if "M" can pick up Tuesdays until "D' gets better. I looked at "L" and said..... "M" said she wasn't go to be the "go to girl"! Of course she didn't listen to me, asked her anyways and "M" said as long as it just for a week or so and not permanent. Me being the mature co-work looked at "L" and said "told you so"!

Yesterday comes around and "L" tells me that we need to block "M" off early on Tuesdays and Thursdays so she can leave early.........


Yes, I understand she isn't normally scheduled to work on Tuesday's, but if you can't do the hours then you shouldn't have committed to them! So I mean I can kinda understand about her wanting to get off a little early on that day, but Thursday?? That's her regular day to work and she now wants off early too???? WTF!

Note: The Office hours are Monday - Thursday: 8 to 4!

Not a hard schedule to deal with.... and she doesn't see half the patients in a day that the other hygienist did, because she needs a good hour and 15 mins with each patient instead of 45 mins that I am use too.

So "L" called "D" this morning to see when she was going to be able to start, and she said probably 6 weeks!!!!! Yeah, that isn't going to fly with "M" I can tell you this right now..... and personally I don't have the energy to deal with these RUDE patients and reschedule them because someone is to antsy to get the hell outta here!

Yes, I have a piss poor attitude today!


And Friday can't get here soon enough! Thank goodness Chris took off on Friday! I decided we are leaving butt ass early to head to NYC! I need to get the hell up outta here for a few days!

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer. I am just super irratated today.



  1. that would be really frustrating!!
    i hope your day/week gets better hun!

  2. I can see your frustration from here. I'm sorry doll. Hope its gets better! NYC is a cure for everything.

  3. uggghh. sucks man. sorry about the work drama. that's never good. chin up though! weekend is a short ways away :)

  4. What happened to people wanting to work? My Mom is a hygentist and does a thorough cleaning in 45 minutes from 8-5, everyday M-F... so PUHLEASE tell me what is wrong with these little chickies and their work ethic?!

  5. Ugh. Your work situation really does seem like a nightmare!

  6. Check out my blog. Maybe it will cheer you up!