Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brown Chicken Brown Cow.......

Thankful Thursday:

~ That my Grandfather is okay, he had surgery on Tuesday and HE DOESN'T have cancer! BONUS!

~ That Chris will be here for the Holidays afterall

~ Thursdays = My Fridays (Don't be Jelly!)

~ Fall Weather! I love getting tanned up in the summer, but I hate the heat. So god bless 70 degree weather!

~ Grateful patients who bring goodies to us here at the office. (Panera Bagels yesterday, and a BIG BAG of Snicker bite sizes today!)

~ Ellen being the new judge on American Idol

~ Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammies.... my choice of lunch lately. =)

~ Road trips! Chris and I are headed to his hometown NYC at the end of the month to see his family. Maybe this time we can make it into the city! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Not So Thankful for...

~ Co-workers who pawn off there work onto you! I mean really I have my own stuff to do. Ummm hello... all your doing is trying to find extra tickets for the Virginia Tech game for your son...

~ Chris leaving for 8 months the day before my BIG 3-0 Birthday! =(

~ All this rain we've been having.... enough already geez!

Anyhoo.... on to bigger and better things.

Since I didn't post yesterday

Just wanted to mention that, I pass my time at work (In between working and playing travel agent), by reading everyones blogs. (It seriously makes my day go by fast.)

So two of my favorite blogs to read are having give aways... so go check them out.. (here is the link to there page, still trying to figure out how to post just the name thingy you click on)

First one Kristen (She's super hilarious and I love her verbage that she uses)

Second one is Dollface (Living the fab. life in NYC. Lucky her!)

So now that, that is done.......

I hope everyone of you bloggerettes are having a fabulous day!

I am so ready to start my weekend, although it's been a short work week, it's still been a lil' crazy here at the work place.

Chris and I are going to a new Greek restaurant over by our houses tonight. I don't think I have had much Greek food except for gyro's. So if anyone has any good suggestions of anything to try, please let me know. =)

until later....



  1. Yum! I loooove Greek food :) I always get Spanakopita... I think that's how you spell it? You have to like spinach though so if you don't its probably a no go!

    Have a good weekend :)

  2. I am so so happy that your Grandpa is ok that is such great amazing news!!!
    ~ love the profile song
    ~love panera bagels
    ~love pb and j
    ~yay for NYC
    p.s. thanks for you sweet comment!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today. It was really nice.

    I love Virginia Beach my folks live on the tip of the Delmarva in Cape Charles. In fact I was just down there a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful weather.

    Spanikopita is great it's spinach and feta cheese pie in a fillo dough crust. There's also moussaka which is made with layers of ground meat and vegetables, and topped with a rich cream sauce. Pastitsio is good too, it's a baked meat & pasta casserole much like baked ziti except a bechamel cream sauce and no tomato. They're famous for their lamb dishes so you generally can't go wrong there if you like lamb.

    Can you tell I like Greek food?

  4. I am so glad everything ended up being okay with your grandpa! And I am excited for you that Chris will be there for the holidays!

  5. you get panera bagels?!?! awwww LUCKY!!!

    so excited about ellen. finally someone with personality to entertain us. i love simon and all but totes over it. go ellen! go ellen!

  6. i'm glad to hear your grandpa is cancer free!!
    love fall weather!
    totally jealous yesterday was your friday!
    hope you have a great weekend darling!!
    i hope the rain goes away!

  7. LOVE Greek Food. My boyfriends grandma is from Jerusaleum and so he loves making greek food. Gryo's, falafel, hummus, baba ganoush. mmm its all wonderful. :) My favorite desert.... Baklava I love you! mmm phyllo dough, honey, nuts...soooo divine!