Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ummm... okay.. NO

So anyone else have the problem from coming back to work after being off to find nothing you do was done???

I came in today from being off for two days too......

~ Charts not being filed in two days (thanks)

~ Patient forms not printed for today... so every one is up my butt looking for there shi*

~ Charts not pulled for today

~ Phone calls up the waaaazoooo of patients to call back

And then the co-worker who was suppose to do my job while I was gone, proceeds to tell me that she was texting people to confirm appointments!

Umm.. WHAT????? You know how co-workers throw stuff out there like you are suppose to catch on and jump on their bandwagon..... yeah, totally not doing that!

1. It's my personal phone! The office doesn't pay my phone bill! But if you would like to pitch in $30 or $40 a month towards that bill, I'm game!

2. I already hate being on the phone 24/7 at work, which is why I prefer texting. So if I have to call and text patients at work, I can tell you now that I will be out of contact with all my friends because I am not going to want to do anything with my cellie when I get off of work!

ehhh.... I am so annoyed!


P.S. Just because I am off work, does not mean you can.....

~rearrange my desk... I have my post-it's where I want them...

~put my pens back where you go them (I returned to two pens at my desk ... neither of them I use)

~mess with my chair setting

~move my computer around

KEEP YOUR GRIMY PAWS OFF MY STUFF! Please and Thank you's!


  1. oh my gosh, I HATE THIS! this always happens to me while i'm away so when i get back i'm flooded with work, even if i miss ONE DAY! yea, coworkers suck.

  2. I hate that! Kick those bitches in the ass and tell them to call you Sally. That's just wrong!

  3. OMG!!! I would have so NOT been by nice ol' self with that biatch!!!

  4. Uhhh...that's the worst!!! Especially when someone takes your chair and switches it out with theirs. It's like the 3 bears when you return and you know it's NOT your chair at all. Why must coworkers be sooo rude at times. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. other peoples things!!!

  5. BLAH! i was out yesterday, just one day, and i feel so behind today. had to take a break for blogging ;)
    hope you are having a great day today hun!! :)