Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The life of a dog...

These two trouble makers brighten my day! This is Layla and Bailey (her bff). Bailey was pouting up on the bed and Layla joined in with him!


P.S. See Chris' purple... I mean "blue" walls?!? I think he has finally come to admit that the color he picked out was purple and not blue, because he now wants to paint his room a light gray. =)


  1. hi layla and bailey! how cute are they?! i'm thinking the walls are a couple shades darker than periwinkle which is basically bluish purple.

    your costume idea is super cute but PLEASE DON'T throw up to fit in leather pants. you're perfect just the way you are :)

  2. they are so cute! It makes me miss my 2 little ones at home!