Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 1st day of FALL....

This is my favorite time of year! And therefore I am in a FaBuLoUs mood today..... well also because Chris comes home today as well. =)

Here are some reasons I L.O.V.E fall...

~ Turtlenecks: (not the frumpy ones)... the nice form fitting ones that look great with Jeans or skirts. (I like my shirts long and I can never find ones that are long enough... and then when I think I found one it shrinks.. so if you know of any good ones PLEASE let me know!)

~ Jeans: I love jeans, not that it matters because I wear them all year round even when its almost 100 degrees out! Crazy? Yes! But I hate my legs and do anything to cover them up.

~ Boots: I own a few pairs, and I am looking to extend my collection..

~ Jackets/Coats: I have a lot of jackets and coats one for pretty much any occasion.

~ Scarfs: I don't own any fashionable scarfs, so I think this year I am also going to invest in some of these. I love the look of them, so hopefully I can pull that trend off.

~ Apple Pie = Me a Happy Girl!

~ Football

~ And my favorite holiday HaLLoWeeN!

So just a few things that I look forward too.

What do you all like about fall???


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